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A researcher in biophysics, neuroscience and electromagnetic field technology implemented a powerful alliance with three leaders within the research and health industries. This triad offers drug-free alternatives in clinical studies, treatments and certifications for long-term pain, chronic conditions and addiction. This new model gives doctors, patients, insurance providers and employers' effective options for affordable wellness and productivity without the risks of liability.

The Physician's Institute

Clinical trials and certification programs

The Future of Medicine

Drug free treatment for long term pain and chronic illness

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Insurance, physicians and treatment cost

Corporate Productivity Enhancement

Wellness programs = Healthy companies

January 2012 Interview

Listen to the Blog Talk Radio Show interview with Victoria Richards and Blog Talk Radio's Coach Marla.

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The future of medicine...

The Physician's Institute, Vital Frequency Clinic, Essential Aire Company and Victoria Richards have united to bring the latest most advanced methods to health practitioners worldwide.