Has stress made you sick, tired, fat and dumb?

Here is what happens to your body when you get stressed. First, your “Fight or flight” system kicks in to the survival mode, which causes a wave of biochemicals to be released into your system.

This  “fight or flight” system in Chinese medicine is called triple warmer meridian.  The function of triple warmer meridian is to keep your heart pumping…at all costs. This is the same mechanism that keeps you alive when you go into shock.  It is the system that allows an elderly person to get the sudden burst of strength which enables them to pick up a car when a baby is under it.

The reason you can suddenly have such an instant and unusual burst of strength is, that to keep the heart pumping, triple warmer has the authority to take strength from all other vital systems in an emergency and redirect it to the heart to keep you alive.  In the moment you go into survival mode, all the blood leaves your fore brain and is redirected to the legs so you can run and the arms so you can fight.

So all of your energy stores get instantly depleted and are weakened. When you are weakened the body cannot function properly or efficiently. The blood left your fore brain so you can’t think clearly.  The liver and kidneys don’t clean as well, the digestion is inadequate, the spleen cannot metabolize, then the pancreas doesn’t process sugars correctly, galbladder malfunctions and is thereby weakened, bladder is either over or under active, etc.etc.etc.

With all of this happening your ability to rest deeply and regenerate is almost impossible. Now your hormones get out of balance affecting sexual function and sleep cycles. Without enough rest happiness wanes and depression ensues, by this point your auto-immune system is severely depleted, you get dark circles and bags under your eyes, your skin cannot keep up with all the toxins to process (since the liver and kidneys are weakened), so wrinkles appear, your complexion looks gray and this is all from stress.

Then there are the all the other toxins, environmental, food additives, chemicals and electronic.  Your posture goes from the tension and fatigue, your muscles, tendons and joints get stressed… Then, everything starts to hurt, your muscles, bones, joints, tendons and even your skin hurts. There are some days that your hair even hurts! This is all caused from living in constant stress.

Then there are the all the other toxins, environmental, food additives, chemicals and electronic.  The point is this…When you can turn off the stress and detoxify… you can reverse pain, aging and disease.

The_8_ best ways to turn off stress and detoxify…

1. Drink! Yes, drink, drink and drink as much clean fresh water as you can. Water allows your body to flush the toxins, plump the skin and restore the organs. Since we are made up of at least 70% water, we need 8-10 8oz glasses a day to stay hydrated and young. But, when we are sick, tired or toxic we need even more to flush it all out and rehydrate.

2. Raise your vibration by using your mind:  A very easy yet powerful way to raise your vibration is to start thinking positive thoughts. Since your thoughts have a vibrational frequency, think high frequency thoughts. Law of attraction draws to you whatever you are thinking about all day long. So think about what you think about.  You are in charge of how you use your mind.  It is a powerful tool.

3. Biomagnetic Cellular detoxification: This is by far the  most comprehensive cellular detoxification I have ever experienced, and I have tried them all.  After cleaning and oxygenating the cells, restoring strength to the body, balancing the meridians and de-stressing the sympathetic nervous system… it reverses aging.  I have seen many people start to look and feel decades younger, just using this treatment alone.

4. Therapeutic compound formulas: There are 4 formulas design specifically to reduce stress, calm you and help you sleep. They are available in body compounds and diffusion fuels. Three are Serenity formulas meant to calm and help you get a deep restful nights regenerating sleep.  One is the Migraine and stress formula which is calming and will also reverse a migraine headache. Hormone formulas, Joyful, brain function boost and Energy also are available. They are inexpensive, easy to use and portable.  There is no reason to stay stressed any longer. It only requires applying topically or just breathing them in.

5. Catalytic diffusion: Sterilize the air, cancel the harmful frequencies of electronics and give your body the formula it needs just by breathing. If you need Serenity, Relief, Energy or more Joy it is as easy as turning on a diffuser and breathing. I first created this line of products to help people with severely depleted immune systems who could not tolerate the off gassing from the new construction of their homes.  They were already so sick that they couldn’t handle any more contaminants.  This took all the off gassing, mold, viruses and allergens from their air by the combustion of the molecules.  They could finally get healthy.  Schools have reported radical changes in test scores and absenteeism just using these units in the classrooms.

6. Energy modification treatments: These powerful yet gentle treatments redirect the flow of energy in the body.  This allows the innate intelligence to take over and quickly and efficiently repair.  See Pulse treatments and Energy Frequency Stimulator for full description of the process.

7. Run your own brain:Our brains produce electrical charges which create rhythms. These rhythms can be seen with an electroencephalograph (EEG). The four common brainwave pattern categories are beta, alpha, theta and delta.  Each of these brainwave patterns are associated with specific states which effect our health and the quality of our lives…By altering the brainwave states one can improve brain function, memory, reduce stress, alter heart-rate, resolve unconscious problems or inner conflicts. By aligning your brainwaves with the outcome you prefer…change is inherent.

We use four methods by which you can run your own brain…  Read more about Brainwave Entrainment, Bio-molecular Clearing, N.L.P. and Hypnosis to help you quickly and easily reprogram your brain to work the way you always wished it would.

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