Pulse testing diagnosis and repair

Pulse testing therapy is an accurate diagnostic and repair approach. The pulse test identifies when a particular meridian (the system which delivers energy to the organs in the body} has significant amounts of  stress or “over energy” running through the circuits.  By applying the repair technique which clears the circuits, the energy flow is restored.

This treatment allows a practitioner the ability to quickly diagnose and repair the circuits in a single visit.  No driving all over town, getting lab tests, waiting for test results…  After doing the treatment the test is given again to insure all repairs were complete. It is a very efficient way to treat the patient’s physiological root cause of illness or dis-ease.

This gentle painless treatment restores harmony in the body systems.  Weakness, stress, illness and pain are indicators that the body’s systems are in a state of disharmony.  In cases of chronic pain the body has often learned a stress pattern.  This treatment in combination with the Pain eliminating treatments and Biomagnetics teaches the body a new healthy pattern very quickly.  This is true of chronic illness patterns as well.

More about Meridians and how it works;

An understanding of how the vital systems within the body create and maintain energy flow is essential to restoring health and well being.  Energy moves through the body in very specific patterns. It is most easily explained using the Meridian structure of Ancient Chinese Medicine that was discovered more than 5,000 years ago. The explanation describes the body’s  multiple built-in programs to maintain itself.

One of these programs is the maintenance system which works very differently than the system needed when the body enters  a state of extreme stress or  one of extreme weakness.  Each repair strategy moves and manipulates energy through the body differently based on what condition the body is in.

According to the ancients, each organ and system has a 2 hour repair cycle at a specific time of the day.  In some parts of the world where these cycles are understood, a patient may be checked into a hospital for an overnight stay to receive treatment, if the organ’s repair cycle time happens to be in the middle of the night.  The treatment is 400 times more effective in restoring strength and order during the 2 hour repair cycle time.

Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered a subtle energy in the body.  Energy disturbances in the subtle bodies precede the manifestation of illness. The abnormal energetic patterns create substantial changes in the cellular organization and growth patterns. Vital force within the body is dependent on harmonious integrated organization that repairs as needed, maintaining homeostasis.

The meridian control structures that maintain, repair and reorganize for optimal performance is brilliant.  Normal energy flow within the meridians runs in a specific pattern.  This is the maintenance flow pattern which runs clockwise strengthening each meridian along the path both yin and yang. Each meridian and organ when strengthened, then sends additional energy to the next meridian system in line.

Much like passing the baton in a long distance race from one runner to the next, each meridian and organ has a 2 hour period within the 24 hour cycle when it is being strengthened and restored to balance.  At the end of that 2 hour cycle, energy is sent on to the next meridian and organ to be strengthened.  This is an example of the maintenance cycle.

When the body has stress running in the meridians; also known as having “over energy” in the meridians, there is a very specific energetic flow cycle needed to make the repairs.  The repair cycle begins by restoring balance to the organs and systems of an energetic “yin” nature.  Depending on the meridians that have the stress or “over energy” pattern running, as well as the presenting symptoms, the choice of where to begin the repair cycle is chosen.

The direction of the repair cycle runs in a star-type pattern as opposed to the circular pattern of the maintenance cycle. When all yin organs have been restored to a state of harmony, the energetic flow pattern changes direction and flows counterclockwise restoring all yang organs systematically. The precision and speed of this amazing therapy re-trains the body’s energetic systems with ease.

When weakness within a system occurs, the pattern needed to repair is directionally different as well.  Many factors play into the choice of which repair cycle to use, such as, presenting symptoms, emotional state, energetic habit patterns etc. The comprehensive nature of this multidimensional treatment system creates psychological and physiological coherence and autonomic balance within the body.

The fourteen main acupuncture meridians, along which this energy travels in the human body, are like the copper traces on an electronic circuit board used to optimize human performance and well being.  Until now, many  Scientists believed that nerve pathways were the vehicle by which acupuncture worked.   Meridian  pathways carry information and energy directly to the organ, system or the life function governed by that meridian.  These systems are part of the brain-body communication structure by which various processes in the body are communicated while bringing the life-giving nourishment of  subtle energy.

Meridians connect specific organizational systems, teeth, organs and tissues in the body. This information flow has been  measured and documented by today’s scientific technology. Some of these methods include  electronics, thermal and radioactivity testing.

Normal skin resistance over a healthy acupuncture point is 100,000 Ohms.  Highly trained Acupuncturists can feel these pulses.  Acupuncture points have unique electro-magnetic characteristics.  The electromagnetic energy provides and maintains coherence within the physical-cellular structure. Therefore, when disturbances in the flow or energetic structure occurs, weakness, illness and premature aging ensues.

Unlike the process by which an acupuncturist tests, we use a very precise procedure  for testing the energetic levels or patterns running within each meridian. This technique allows quick, accurate “in the moment” testing and repair capabilities. Each meridian has a specific directional flow pattern which is part of a grander scale communication system between the meridian inter-connectivity overall.

For example, the spleen meridian begins at the big toe traveling upward on the body toward the liver, when reaching the liver the direction changes and goes to the side turning downward and ending at the waistline.  The lung meridian on the other hand begins on the upper portion of the body at the chest moving upward toward the shoulder and turning downward along the inside of the arm in the pathway directly in line with the thumb and ending at the tip of the thumb. These acupuncture points  can be located by hand,  micro-electrical voltage meters and with Applied Kinesiology, also known as energy testing or muscle testing.

See Biomagnetics for the auricular treatment applied to the ear.  It is a gentle effortless way to health and well being.

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