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Amazing new procedures turn off severe chronic pain in minutes! When you’ve had the pain for 20 years or more… When the drugs only masked the pain, surgery made it worse, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage helped a little, but it still keeps coming back. Now you can be pain free…drug free!


Chronic pain is maintained by signals being sent through the body’s electrical systems. The nervous system, the meridians and the subconscious mind record everything you have ever experienced. The brain being efficient, with so many tasks to accomplish in any given moment, creates a sort of automatic-pilot button for reoccurring experiences and signals. So, chronic pain can be just an energetic habit pattern.

Doctors from around the world are flooding in to learn these advanced procedures. The results are astounding! Having the ability to turn off pain in minutes that has been chronic for decades instantly changes their practice.


The brain-body communication system experiences the pattern of the pain at the time of the initial injury and during the sustained time of inflammation and healing. This pattern repeats enough times that it becomes a familiar frequency signal and the brain puts it on automatic pilot. From that point forward it is like having a program running in the background of your computer. The problem has been repaired but the brain is still running the old program. Just like when an amputee experiences phantom pain in the missing limb, because the brain doesn’t know the limb is gone. It is still running the pain pattern signal. It is just a learned habit.

Pain signals are maintained by several different systems in the body; spinal nerves, dermatomes (nerves in the skin), muscles, tendons, skeletal, the nervous system, the meridians, surrounding tissue and even in the cellular memory. By turning off the pain signals in each of these systems, the body learns the new pattern.

When we reset the new signal enough times (maybe 6-12 treatments) often less, the body forgets the old program and effortlessly runs the new one. It is just that simple. The treatments are gentle, painless, non-invasive, relaxing and most of all without, the use of drugs. They are gentle enough to be safe for young children and the elderly.

What appears to be a certain kind of pain may actually be generated from a totally different part of the body. For example bone, muscle or joint pain make actually be reset via the tendons, muscles, nerves, meridians, spinal nerves or tissues. Many are surprised to find that one point on the body with a pain trigger may have as many as fifty points of repair, at each layer. So for example, if someone suffers with low back pain, there may be multiple repair sites in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, groin, thigh, knee, ankle, feet and even the opposite side of the body. For each layer of depth in the point of pain location there may be an equal number of turn off locations. It is crucial to turn off all of the signals in order to retrain the brain and body.

Imagine a nursery with twelve babies in cribs...eleven of the babies are quietly sleeping. Then suddenly one begins to cry… What happens? You soon have twelve crying babies. This is very similar to the way that pain triggers can be turned on again and again. That is why it is so important to turn off as many pain triggers at one time as possible, to more quickly short circuit the old pain habit pattern.

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