Light-wave frequency stimulator

Cancer, depression and bi-polar disorder respond to a new cutting edge treatment at an Alternative Clinic in Dallas, Texas.  The owner of this clinic and inventor of the equipment states that all disease can be reversed with the use of frequency regulating protocols.  One of these special protocols is a new advanced level frequency stimulator which uses specially designed equipment to modify the body frequencies.  With over 16,000,000 customizable frequencies, this equipment resets the body’s electrical systems… within minutes!

Each organ in the body has a measurable vibrational frequency for optimal health.  By stimulating each area of the body which measures weak, with the exact frequency needed to repair, the body instantly responds, altering the state of the treated areas.  The sophisticated cell to cell communication system creates a domino effect strengthening other systems in the body.  Reports of radical change in those suffering with severe chronic illness is the norm with this treatment.  When combined with the Pulse Diagnosis and repair treatment and Biomagnetic detoxification for the cells, cases of  cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromayalgia and bi-polar disorder have been known to go into immediate remission.

Stress and toxicity are the main causes of  illness today.  When a person feels stressed it creates a vibrational frequency change in every cell in the body, instantly.  Being under stress for extended periods of time cause the body’s synchronized systems of repair to breakdown. When this happens, illness, weakness and disease ensues.  When the healthy vibrational frequency is restored, the body’s  innate built-in programs take over to do what it does best… heal itself! It is really that simple.  All disease can be reversed with the correct frequencies.

The energy signals in the brain and body of a healthy person have a crisscross patterning.  Just as the DNA spirals and the left side of the brain works the right side of the body and vice versa, the energy patterns within our bodies are meant to continually cross from side to side.  When blocks to this energy flow occur, a new pattern of ipsilateral or homolateral occurs.  This causes great energy loss and many malfunctions in the body systems.

It is common to find the homolateral pattern present in most cases of ADD, ADHD, Chronic fatigue and hormone imbalance. The Light-wave Frequency Stimulator usually resets this pattern in just minutes.

NASA research findings have proven that the precisely measured stimulation of light-wave and color frequencies can restore the health of the cells.  It can also speed the healing process in general. Each color frequency has a measurable vibratory wavelength which has an effect on specific organs and body systems. Certain color frequencies repair damage to the skin. Other color frequencies are in the same vibrational range as that which allows the liver to repair,  which is again different than those needed to repair brain function.

The Light-wave frequency stimulator treatment is very comprehensive in that, before, during and after the treatment, precise measurements of energy levels and flow patterns are taken.  As the flow levels are modified and change occurs, different wavelengths are necessary to make the next level of repair. This guides the practitioner to the highest possible levels of energy restoration.

The treatment offers 6 or 8 different vibrational settings to be stimulating different sections of the body at one time. Because the vibrational frequency is effective at the cellular level, entire systems of repair are happening throughout the body simultaneously. This progressive holistic healing approach offers greater and more rapid full body system restoration.

Many people comment that during the treatment they feel an extremely pleasant “high”.  Some have compared the feeling to the deep levels of relaxation felt in meditation or when under the influence of mind altering substances.  After a single treatment, a very stressed, high powered attorney said “it is the most relaxed I have felt in decades”. Everyone feels both relaxed and energized simultaneously after the treatment. Our goal is to teach as many people as possible to have this feeling as their natural set point.

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