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Today the quickest way to a healthy body is Energy Modification.  It is all about the frequencies. The body has several  electromagnetic systems that are interconnected.  So when one system breaks down, it creates a domino effect causing weakness, stress and eventually disease and premature aging.

Advancements in Science, Physics and Quantum Bio-molecular Mechanics have proven that  future medicine is in the ability to treat the body’s sophisticated electromagnetic systems.  These integrated information systems work in harmony and are interdependent on the performance of the others.  Therefore only a truly comprehensive approach can have permanent long term effects. This is true of chronic illness, stress and pain.

The twelve keys consist of very precise treatment protocols and modalities designed to change the frequency, thereby changing the physiology, the psychology, the performance and quality of ones life.  An understanding of how the vital systems within the body create and maintain energy flow is essential to restoring health and well being.  Energy moves through the body in very specific patterns.

Key 1. Pulse Diagnosis and Repair: Pulse testing therapy is an accurate diagnostic and repair approach. The pulse test identifies when a particular meridian (the system which delivers energy to the organs in the body} has significant amounts of  stress or “over energy” running through the circuits.  By applying the specific repair technique which clears the circuits, the energy flow is restored, stress is eliminated and the body is strengthened. This treatment allows a practitioner the ability to quickly diagnose and repair the circuits in a single visit.

Key 2. Energy Medicine procedures: The most recent advances in the field of medicine have been in areas of the Body’s Electrical systems. The ancient Chinese understood these complex systems and how they were integrated into a structure of specific control models. When the body functioned normally it had a specific energy flow pattern.  When the body was under stress it required a different pattern of energy flow to repair, when depleted…yet another pattern.

Energy medicine is the new “Natural hands on” approach to restoring strength and vitality to the body. Giving very accurate testing techniques, rapid repair strategies, the ability to repair “on the spot”, practitioners can now quickly empower their patients to have full vital and happy lives.

According to the ancients, each organ and system has a 2 hour repair cycle at a specific time of the day.  In some parts of the world a patient may be checked into a hospital for an overnight stay to receive treatment, if the organ’s repair cycle time, happens to be in the middle of the night.  The treatment is 400 times more effective in restoring strength and order during the 2 hour repair cycle time.

Key 3. Biomagnetic Detoxification: This cellular detoxification protocol was featured on news stations all over the country because of the amazing results in areas of reversing disease, aging and weight problems.  It uses the body’s own built-in  electromagnetic frequencies to balance the body, reduces stress on the sympathetic nervous system and strengthens the organs, thereby allowing the body’s innate intelligence to do what it does best…heal itself. This gentle, non invasive treatment is safe for young children and the elderly.

Key 4. Pain Free Drug Free: These amazing new procedures turn off severe chronic pain in minutes, even when you’ve had the pain for 20 years or more… Chronic pain is maintained by repeated signals sent through the body’s electrical systems. The nervous system, the meridians and the subconscious mind record everything you have ever experienced.  The brain being so efficient, with many tasks to accomplish in any given moment, creates an automatic programing of sorts for reoccurring experiences and signals.  So, chronic pain can be turned off by interrupting the signal enough times that the brain learns the new pattern. This treatment works for chronic pain, illness and recurring thought and mental patterns.

Key 5. Lightwave frequency stimulator: A new advanced level frequency stimulator uses specially designed equipment and protocols to modify the body frequencies.  With over 16,000,000 customizable frequencies, this process resets the body’s electrical systems… within minutes!

By stimulating each area of the body which tested or measured weak, with the exact frequency needed to repair, the body quickly responds, altering the state of the treated areas.  The sophisticated cell to cell communication system creates a domino effect strengthening other systems in the body.  Reports of remarkable change in those suffering with severe chronic illness is the norm with this system.  When combined with the Pulse Diagnosis & repair  and Biomagnetic detoxification, cases of  long-term weakened conditions and illness have been known to go into a state of remission.

The treatment offers multiple vibrational outputs which stimulate different sections of the body at one time. Because the vibrational frequency is effective at the cellular level, entire systems of repair are happening throughout the body simultaneously. This progressive holistic healing approach offers greater and more rapid full body system restoration because it creates the perfect environment for the body to induce natural healing.

Key 6. Therapeutic compound formulas: Medicinal grade natural compound formulas stimulate the receptor sites of the cells allowing cell oxygenation and detoxification. Illness and aging are caused by stress, toxicity and low frequencies. By using 100% Therapeutic-grade performance formulas, the symptoms can quickly reverse,  the body strengthens and restoration begins. The formulas are good for the body and cause no harmful side effects. Easy to use, safe and portable make it easy to take care of yourself while on the go.


Key 7. Catalytic Diffusion: The most effective air sterilization system available. It continues to clean up to 85% of the bacteria from the air 30 hours after the unit is turned off. By diffusing natural medicinal formulas into the air you can get relief from stress, depression, energy loss and insomnia just to name a few.

The most powerful defense against EMF’s. Electronics cause a disturbance in the Pineal gland in the brain, which is responsible for the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin regulates sleep cycles, sexual function, auto-immune and so many other vital functions. The molecules coming from the diffusion are the exact opposite in nature to that of the electronics, thereby canceling out the harmful effects of using electronics. Depression, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, brain function and chronic fatigue are helped quickly with the use of these units.

Key 8. Brainwave Entrainment: NASA has used sophisticated entrainment frequencies in the Astronaut Training Programs for many years. There are four common brainwave pattern categories.  Each of these brainwave patterns are associated with specific states and serve important functions. By altering the brainwave states one can improve brain function, memory, reduce stress, alter heart-rate, resolve unconscious problems or inner conflicts. By aligning your brainwaves with the outcome you prefer…change is inherent.

Our brains produce electrical charges which create rhythms. These rhythms can be seen with an electroencephalograph (EEG). The four common brainwave pattern categories are beta, alpha, theta and delta.  Each of these brainwave patterns are associated with specific states and serve multiple important functions which effect our health and quality of life..
Beta brainwave patterns are generated naturally when we are awake and alert. Alpha waves are experienced during relaxation, meditation or when quietening the mind. Theta is commonly referred to as the dream state and is associated with learning, memory and REM sleep. While in this state, memory development is enhanced, long term memory is improved and access to unconscious information,  insights and creative ideas is increased. Delta brainwave patterns usually occur when we are asleep.
The states that are a lower rhythmic frequency than delta are Epsilon, Gamma, HyperGamma and Lambda which are associated with ecstatic states of consciousness.

Key9. Bio-molecular reformatting, NLP and Hypnosis: The power to run your own brain…You can deliberately create your moods, your focus, your responses to life and even the power and speed at which you manifest your desires. Bio-molecular reformatting is a rapid investigative search and repair for that which does not empower you. The process is accurate and effective in refiling information in the brain. When combined with NLP (nuero linguistic programming) and hypnosis you can reset any criteria in the structure of the unconscious mind that doesn’t allow you to be the most successful, happy, abundant and powerful person that you can be.  In fact, using these modalities, you can do anything you desire…anything.

Like building a computer from scratch, you can access, change and build your brain and body to run, feel and look any way you like.

Key10. Vibrational Elixirs:Restore vital energy to your cells via vibrationally imprinted elixirs. Water has a specific frequency imprint and can be modified with intrinsic energy patterns.  Via a seven step process, powerful elixirs are modulated to hold very specific frequencies which correspond to the vibrational requirements of healthy cells, abundant thought forms and pure life essence.  We are made up of fluctuations of energy patterns.  These patterns resonate in every cell of our bodies. Each organ and structural system has optimum frequencies by which it functions in perfect health.

When we are unable to rest and regenerate, or when we get into low frequency thought or behavioral patterns, our bodies get run down. We loose vital energy stores which causes a chain reaction of depletion in every bodily system. By restoring energy, strength and life force via the imprinted elixirs, the body resonates with the new patterns.

Key11. Mineral and Gem Frequency Stimulation: Inherent frequency properties of minerals, tektites (meteor fragments),crystals and fossils can be transmitted to the oscillating frequency patterns of each organ in the body.  Having the mineral in close proximity to the body allows transmission of the energy signal to occur naturally.  The body acts both as a transmitter and receiver. In cases of severe depletion continued exposure to the frequency may be required to restore vitality and full function to the organs.

A practitioner can place multiple minerals or gemstones strategically on the body, simultaneously sending the necessary frequencies to all of the weakened systems. By combining this treatment with Lightwave Frequency Stimulation the repair time is shortened immensely. Complete restoration usually occurs within minutes. Full restoration can be verified using Applied Kinesiology. This allows practitioners to restore vital energy levels for their patients instantly.

Key12. Axiatonal Alignment: There are great changes going on in our world today. Scientists, Astronomers and Mathematicians have proven that the gravitational pull on the earth has been lessened…speeding up time.  Great changes are occurring both on our planet and in space.  The changes in space weather have a stronger more palpable effect on our bodies, our moods and even in our thought processes. These changes effect atmospheric and barometric pressure.  Upgrading our internal software to more readily access and adjust to the external changes makes life more pleasant.

There are grid lines on the Earth, in the Universe and on our bodies.  By strengthening the connection of these lines, thus creating a stronger connection between our bodies, the Universal frequencies and Earth energies, we can actually step forward into a new level of ourselves. This opens the possibilities of completely new levels of experience and healing; physically, emotionally and mentally. We can evolve as the changes in our universe expand and move us into a new time.

With exposure to the new dimensions of frequencies now available to us on earth, due to the changes in space, we can upgrade our physical bodies to better interact with and utilize these higher frequencies.  A series of 3-5 treatments is usually necessary to complete the realignment process. Most report a kind of “catapulting forward in their work, their relationships, talents and dreams” after the series is completely integrated.

If traditional treatments have not given long term permanent change it is not necessarily true that the treatment didn’t work…it just didn’t work on all of the integrated systems.   If even one of these systems needs attention and is not repaired, it can trickle down causing the original problem to return.

There are two reasons that traditional treatments may not work. The symptoms are being treated and not the root cause.  All systems involved must be treated, a singular approach will not work.

When doctors only treat the symptoms,  success is limited at best.  This is especially true of chronic situations.  Chronic illness and pain can be immediately reversed by addressing all systems involved, restoring energy, turning off stress, regulating frequency flow and detoxifying when needed.

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