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Bio-molecular Clearing

by Victoria for PainFree Drug Free, Treatments

Bio-molecular Clearing : The power to run your own brain…Whenever you feel stuck in an old pattern, confused about what you want or what to do next with your life, you now have a new option. Bio-molecular Clearing is a process that directly accesses the information filed in the brain. It is an accurate, rapid, investigative search to determine how your brain has filed, or usually misfiled vital information.

The unconscious mind and nervous system records everything you have ever experienced. The information is sorted and filed according to what the person observes at that exact moment in time. When we are young we observe and learn very rapidly, especially in the formative years. Our brains process everything in the context that we see it.

During those early years we don’t have the wisdom and understanding that we acquire with maturity. We probably would not like to have a 4 year old manage our 401K, choose our business strategies or even our mate. But, so much of what keeps us stuck is based on the observations of a child in their formative years.

Imagine a child 2 years old, playing on the floor with their toys. While one of the parents, in the same room, is having an adult conversation about their health. The parent may be complaining about how at 35 years of age, everything goes to pot. Maybe they state how suddenly they have gained weight, how their vision is suddenly getting worse… maybe they are just saying that “everyone in their family” always gets diabetes by age… or heart trouble… etc.

At 2 years old the child does not understand the conversation, but… the brain files it anyway. So many people have sudden changes in their health, personality, abilities and emotional state for no apparent reason. By using Bio-molecular clearing, we can access all the information filed in the brain, both conscious and unconscious to determine where the conflict started. The repair is quick, effortless and often fun.

No more suffering! This is not traditional therapy where you dredge up old unhappy gunk and feel bad. No, this is an amazing tool by which you can change anything that does not empower you. The process is accurate and effective in refiling information in the brain. The comprehensive sessions are usually 1-2 hours in length, (often much less) and can be done by phone.

When you want a complete life ” upgrade and overhaul” this technique can be combined with NLP (nuero linguistic programming) and hypnosis to reset any criteria in the structure of the unconscious mind that doesn’t allow you to be the most successful, happy, abundant and powerful person that you can be. In fact, using these modalities, you can do anything you desire…anything. Like building a computer from scratch, you can access, change and build your brain and body to run, feel and look any way you like.

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