Blueprint for the future of medicine The Future Of Medicine for Practitioners

The Physician’s Institute recognizes the latest advancements in neuroscience, biophysics and quantum mechanics which has proven that the real future of medicine is in the ability to treat the body’s sophisticated electrical systems and the brain-body communication systems, also now known in neuroscience as the ‘body-mind’.

Working together with Vital Frequency Research Center, Essential Aire Manufacturing and Victoria Richards, we have formed a united, shared vision of empowering doctors and practitioners with the latest drug free treatments and solutions for the most resist cases of long term pain, chronic illness and addiction.  There is currently a motion picture documentary being filmed about the cutting edge technologies and the astonishing results in the field of reversing pain, disease and aging.

We now offer five doctor certification programs that have proven to be viable in the treatment of the most resistant cases of long term pain, chronic conditions and addiction through rigorous clinical studies lasting more than five years. The studies included cases of those suffering for a minimum of fifteen years with chronic pain, bi-polar disorder, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, clinical depression, diabetes, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.

The latest Scientific research shows that it is the patient’s cellular frequency and the stimulation of neuropeptides  that determines the state of health and well being. By using the latest frequency modulating procedures and treatment protocols, it is now possible for patients in any physical or emotional state to improve and often completely restore their health. These treatments are currently available in four countries. Please join us in bringing these treatment options to your patients and clients.

Our mission is to make these drug free solutions available to practitioners in every major city in the world. We feel an urgency to get this information out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Understanding the value of time, we have made it our policy in all seminars and trainings to get to the facts, ingrain the techniques and procedures in a fun, relaxing way, without time wasted on filler and fluff. By conducting our certification programs in a beautiful, peaceful, elegant facility that feels more like a resort hotel or penthouse suite, the brain grasps and retains more complex concepts, effortlessly. All practitioners receive multiple treatments during the certification process, so at the end of the training, it truly feels as though they have been on an extended vacation.

Stress, toxicity and low frequency vibration are at the root of all illness, dis-ease, addiction and premature aging. Using the treatments and procedures listed below, it is possible to turn off severe chronic pain, illness, addiction, emotional behavior patterns and reverse disease and aging, quickly and easily.

Now doctors have drug free solutions for painPain Free Drug Free; Amazing new procedures that turn off severe chronic pain in minutes. These procedures work even when the patient has had the pain for 20 years or more… When the drugs only masked the pain, the surgery made it worse, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage helped a little, but the symptoms continued to come back. These very comprehensive, precisely ordered procedures effect change on the entire body/mind. Because the treatments directly stimulate the cell signals and receptor bonding throughout the body, the reprogramming of the old energetic patterns change more rapidly with a greater percentage of permanency.

Chronic pain is maintained by signals being sent through the body’s electrical systems. The nervous system, the meridians and  the subconscious mind record everything you have ever experienced.  The efficiency of the brain,  creates an automatic response pattern for reoccurring experiences and signals.  So, chronic pain can actually be, just an energetic habit pattern. These procedures turn off the chronic habit pattern and teach the body a new healthier option through direct stimulation of the neuropeptide-receptor response. Now your patients can be pain free…drug free!

Please see the blog pages on the following treatments and procedures for more detailed information.

Pulse Diagnosis & Repair

Energy Modification

Bio-electromagnetic Detoxification

Lightwave Frequency Stimulation

Brainwave Entrainment

Axiatonal Alignment

Bio-molecular Clearing, NLP & Hypnosis

Mineral & Gem Frequency Stimulation

Far Infrared, lymphatic stimulation and full body vibrational therapies

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