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Doctors, employers, insurance providers and individuals around the globe have become intrigued by the unprecedented results from the new treatment protocols. It doesn’t matter if your interest is to reduce costs, raise the quality of patient care or to improve your own performance skills, physically, mentally and emotionally…the technology has outperformed all other treatment regimes to date.

The stimulation of endorphins and other neuropeptides in our treatments mobilize the parasympathetic response, immediately reducing stress and activating the healing modality in the cells. This technology raises the cellular frequency, re-patterns the brain and body circuitry and strengthens the systems that were weakened by stress and trauma.

Long-term pain, chronic conditions and addiction respond quickly to the intervention of erroneous signals running in the electrical pathways of the body; the nervous system, spinal nerves, dermatome nerves, meridian pathways, brain circuitry and neuronal signaling.  The erroneous signals are re-patterned and repaired with this system, raising the vibration, amplitude and frequency within the electrical circuitry.

The response is measurable in all aspects of the participant’s life experience; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, causing noticeable improvement in body strength, vitality and fitness, mental state and emotional well being; producing changes in the areas of interpersonal relationships, fitness, health, career and spiritual fortitude.

The treatments originally designed for the critically ill, depressed and dying, have proven viable in areas of corporate and world-class athletic performance enhancement, taking the corporate elite and finest athletes to the top of their game and giving them ‘the physical, mental and emotional edge’ to stay there. Some of our long-term clients are industry leaders, CEO’s and world-class athletes. Joining the ranks of the ‘best in the world’ could take your patients, employees or team to new heights!

To become a participant in the clinical trials as a patient, physician, employer or insurance provider contact

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