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Catapulting Medical Practices to Highest Performance and Profitability: Leading edge technology for treatment of chronic pain and conditions

Victoria Richards teaches doctors from around the globe in new technology perfected in clinical trials with the most resistant cases of long term pain and chronic conditions unaffected by all other medical treatments and technology and thought impossible to help. Sought after by physicians, sports coaches and pain management specialists for results that catapult their business to new levels of success.

Insurance providers, physicians and employers take advantage of new programs that reduce the cost of healthcare, improve the quality of treatment care and enhance well-being, health and productivity.

The Physician’s Institute, teaches five doctor certification programs with technology unmatched the world over. The new treatment protocols empower physicians from every specialty to deliver the results their patients demand. The drug-free treatments take the doctor out of liability and into profitability. The results keep the patients healthy and loyal.

Vital Frequency Research Center conducts privately funded clinical trials allowing patients the opportunity to experience first hand the amazing drug free results that eradicate long-term pain and reverse chronic conditions, while saving patients, insurance providers and employers from unnecessary monumental costs.

Essential Aire manufacturing is the largest natural catalytic air sterilizer company in the world. Delivering superior air quality with medicinal formulas to restore your health. This equipment functions as a cancellation mechanism for harmful electromagnetic frequencies that create a disturbance in the brain from satellite signals, cell phones, electronics and computers.

The Big Three Unite for the Cause: 

Victoria Richards has united these technology based companies to bring the latest most advanced methods to healthcare practitioners, insurance providers, employers, patients and champion athletic coaches worldwide. With their shared vision of empowerment was a marriage of the highest order. There is currently a motion picture documentary being filmed about their latest technologies and astonishing a-typical results in the field of reversing pain, disease and premature aging.

Victoria Richards specializes in the cutting edge development of new equipment, breakthrough procedures and methods. The latest nano-technology advancements in equipment, treatment protocols and therapeutic formulations takes health-care and wellness industry to the molecular level. It seemed a natural next step for the four to join forces and bring the very latest up to the minute methods to practitioners who treat those in need and the insurance providers and employers who pay for the services.

One of these methods, Biomagnetics, took the country by storm when news stations across the nation reported the astonishing effects of the cellular level detoxification system that reversed disease, restored energy and caused the body to repair weakness and imbalance. This system reduces stress on the nervous system, detoxifies the body at the cellular level and uses the body’s own electrical system to repair itself. Countless testimonials from physicians confirm the restorative capabilities of this therapy.

The new pain free, drug free method, pulse synchronization system and the light-wave frequency stimulator have doctors and practitioners flooding in from around the world  to learn about these powerful technologies and procedures. These new technologies work at the level of cell receptor activity and work with exacting precision. The amazing advancements with the development of equipment and protocols that turn off chronic pain and reverse the disease process are unmatched the world over . Medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and physical therapists are now able to help their patients experience lasting relief.

The future of healthcare…

Advancements in science, physics and quantum mechanics has proven that the future of medicine is in the ability to treat the body’s sophisticated electrical systems and the brain-body communication systems at the molecular level.  These integrated information structures work in harmony and are interdependent on the performance of the others. We as humans are energetic beings.  We cannot separate  body, mind, spirit and the unified field of intelligence.  Therefore only a truly comprehensive approach that can work at the molecular level can have permanent long term effects.

Our History and background:

The commitment of Essential Aire Company has always been to continually develop products and equipment that meet these new standards. We are dedicated to the improvement of  the quality of life and well being.  As that of our founder, our goal is to empower people to really live fully and enjoy happy vital lives.

The CEO and founder of The Physician’s Institute and the Vital Frequency Research Center and Clinic, Victoria Richards is a researcher in the field of energetic medicine, quantum mechanics and environmental sciences. She is also the recipient of the prestigious DICE award.   Ms. Richards is an expert in the practical application of electromagnetic frequencies for improved lifestyle and total mind/body wellness.  Also as the founder of a Spiritual institution and an ordained minister, her objective is to educate and empower people by addressing the body, mind and spirit comprehensively.

Her expertise in the area of bio-molecular mechanics  and electromagnetic therapies led to numerous new treatments in the areas of the reversal of disease, pain and aging.  Starting with the development of natural catalytic diffusion to sterilize the air and eliminate the harmful E.M.F.’s (electromagnetic frequencies), created a need for potent therapeutic-grade compounds and diffuser fuels.

Over time, opportunities to improve on current treatment protocols led to the development of a system that reverses the effects of chronic conditions and illness, pain, emotional issues and also re-trains  brain patterns.  The new Pain Free, Drug Free treatment eradicates long-term pain within two hours. The pulse diagnosis and repair protocols immediately reverses the disease process and premature aging. Biomagnetics detoxification turns off stress in the nervous system and detoxifies the cells by exciting the receptor sites.  One of the latest technologies uses advanced lightwave frequency stimulation which resets the body’s electrical system circuitry and energy flow through molecular manipulation, restoring overall body balance and health.

With this new union, we can combine the latest research,  field developments, manufacturing methods and education to support the doctors and patients of the world. We can all be Pain  Free, Drug Free. 

Chronic pain, bi-polar disorder, fibromyalgia and depression can now become a thing of the past!  It is time to live! We are energetic spiritual beings who are meant to live and thrive.

Practitioners wanting these technologies can contact us:

404 918 9099 doctors@thephysiciansinstitute.com

Patients wanting treatment can contact us at sessions@thephysiciansinstitute.com
























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