Whitney Houston; cause of death, chronic heart and brain frequency patterns

The experts in the field of neuroscience are now aware of the rise in this growing pattern causing so many to live miserable lives or die untimely deaths from this ever increasing addiction problem. How many of our brilliantly talented artists and geniuses must we lose to chronic conditions from broken hearts, emotional and brain patterns, drugs, alcohol abuse and unresolved energetic patterns before we start to see what is going on and take some effective action?

This epidemic is off the charts and growing more rampant everyday. It doesn’t matter that many of these people are famous beyond measure, have more money than they can ever spend or have millions of loving fans who adore them. We don’t hear as much about the brilliant scientist, troubled fifth grader, IT genius, truck driver or CEO who struggles with this monumental battle, because they don’t live on the front page of the news. The drugs, alcohol, disorders and abusive relationships are not the problem; they are merely the symptoms.

The real problem is vibrational chronic patterns of the heart, brain and environment. It’s all about the frequency. Quantum physicists and neuro scientists understand the underlying cause, because they are keenly aware of the powerful effects of vibrational range in physics, science, medicine and the human body. The frequency, amplitude and resonance of our vibrational signature or imprint activates specific neuropeptide and receptor bonding on hundreds of thousands of receptors on each or our cells, every time we feel a feeling, become weak, sick or upset.

Because we are electrical beings, this frequency or vibration that is generated body-wide, activates its own out going signal, which attracts similar signals from other people, circumstances and environmental factors. For instance, when you feel the emotion of fear your cells replicate the signal throughout your entire body at the exact moment you feel the emotion. This sets into motion a trickle down process that not only creates an unhealthy body but sends out an electrical impulse into the airwaves, just like a radio signal which attracts other situations and people who are in the same vibration-range. This is a type of molecular attraction.

This explains what is behind the problem when someone just seems to go from one bad relationship to another, no matter how much therapy they have undergone, or how they scrutinize the appearance or behavior of the new person in order to obtain a different result. The problem is in the realm of physics, and is due to the vibrational patterned signal or resonance, amplitude and frequency they are giving off.

The reason most alcohol and drug rehab programs and the current medical approach are not effective long term, is because they have not effectively changed the vibrational signals within the cells, brain and body circuitry. Many people go through rehab with the utmost sincerity and eventually fall back into the old patterns. If the person has also become addicted to pharmaceutical medications from medical treatment, the problem has been compounded by having multiple chronic patterns running simultaneously within the brain/body circuitry.

People have labeled this a disease. Well, in one sense of the term, it is dis-ease within the circuitry. However, the belief that they are doomed to this prognosis and condition for the rest of their lives is just remnants from the ‘old-school’ way of treating the symptoms. It is much like the belief in the old medical model of the synapses and pathways in the brain passively connecting through lock and key at the receptor sites.  The old story has a few accurate pieces of information, but in general, is mostly very out-dated, just as the information about addiction behaviors and patterns being an incurable disease is obsolete.

You may wonder what the peptide and receptors have to do with addiction and bad relationships. In fact it has everything to do with both the cause and repair of this problem. The lock and key’ portion of the description in the old medical model equation has some accuracy. So whenever you feel an emotion, these peptides, also known as molecules of emotion or informational substances immediately communicate with the cells in the body creating changes based on the emotion felt.

However, the old information goes way off track when it comes to the passivity of the neuropeptide and receptor bonding, the short distance affecting activity, the activity being limited only to the brain, and the actions only traveling along specific rigid pathways and synapses within close proximity. In layman’s terms, it was believed that when one had the emotional experience that it only affected a very small area in the brain, as these peptides passively floated by and accidentally bonded to receptor sites along very short, rigid pathways and synapses.

In reality what has now been discovered is that in the moment one feels the emotion, a signal similar to wireless wifi communicates throughout the body. The neuropeptides that match the emotion communicate information to the cells via the two-three hundred thousand receptors on each cell, like a mass email message going to everyone in your mailing list. Depending on the emotion, the cells will behave accordingly. So if one feels the emotion of fear or depression, the cells receive a message that tells every cell in the body to match that frequency. 

It doesn’t take long before the habit pattern or in neuroscience, the neural plasticity, makes a new energetic habit pattern. Depending on the frequency of the emotion, happy or sad, healthy or sick…the cells respond. This determines the health of the cell, the life and death of the cell, whether or not it will divide and when it does divide, exactly what type of cell condition has been multiplied.

Many take this ‘disease’ approach to dealing with chronic habitation and believe that all are powerless to do anything about it with any lasting long-term results. Before truly understanding the science and physics of how the electrical signals in the cells, brain, body and unified field of energy surrounding the body actually worked, this old ‘disease’ approach was the best option and answer available. It was believed that if you were once an addict, you were always an addict. The belief was more about the interaction of the drug, than the patterns running habitually in the circuitry. Without this understanding it was virtually impossible to make lasting change.

Today, the experts now understand that it is quite possible to repair the problem at the root of the cause. In order to do so, and create permanent change, it is imperative to address the six areas that maintain the habitual pattern electrically. These six areas include:

1. The stimulation of the brain and body electrical circuitry within healthy frequency ranges

2. The deliberate activation of specific neuropeptide and receptor bonding

3. The stimulation of endorphins  

4. The mobilization of the immune system

5. The identification of the environmental, medical and emotional electromagnetic signals and toxicity maintaining the pattern

6. The re-patterning protocols for restructuring the vibrational frequency, amplitude and resonance in the cell membrane, body, environment and the conscious and subconscious brain

The precise methods of obtaining the factual evidence of unconscious observations and the subsequent beliefs, habits and thoughts generated by these observations begins the re-patterning process at the level of the brain circuitry. In order to be effective, the patterns must also be restructured in the spinal nerves, dermatome nerves, meridian channels, muscle and tendon fibers, the peptide and receptor response, and the conscious brain activity.

With a treatment process known as circuitry convergence, which is the re-setting of the circuits to the optimum performance levels, these habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts and lifestyle are automatically changed. When the process is repeated in a particular sequence over a series of treatments, the re-patterning takes place. The overwhelming success of the re-patterning is also effective with long-term uncontrollable chronic pain signals and can begin to eradicate 20 year pain in approximately two hours.

After the protocol sequence series is complete, the same mechanism which made the problem a chronic habit pattern will effortlessly maintain the new habit pattern as the normal set point of behavior. Using this approach eliminates the need for focused will power to force change and the constant observation of the past problem, which actually activated the problem in ones energetic field, enabling it to continue.  By going directly to the programming at the cellular and subconscious brain level, the original cause of the problematic behavior is modified, thereby de-activating the old behavior patterns as well as chronic cravings.

The treatment process is gentle, non-invasive and quickly effective. After perfecting this process in clinical studies with the most resistant cases of those who had suffered more than twenty years, it was found to be sustainable after a short series of treatments. After just eight weeks, these subjects who had been taking multiple medications for many years had reduced their medication by 70-90% with the expectation to be medication free soon after the safe weaning process was complete. The subjects did not experience any withdrawal symptoms or harmful side effects. 

The innate intelligence in the body can easily integrate the re-patterning. The healthy pattern is the body’s natural state and can maintain it effortlessly. This process is effective with chronic physical, emotional or mental conditions. 

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