Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks have become more prevalent in our society over the last decade. Affecting young children, teens and adults, this chronic condition worsens over time with the onset of sleeplessness, depression and full body aches and pains. It leaves many people completely frozen, unable to speak, act or breathe. While there are many things that can be attributed to the problem, it usually begins with an emotionally charged moment in time. It could be physical or mental trauma, or just a misconceived observation, leaving the person feeling helpless and frightened.

When questioned about what they think started the issue, most can’t remember. That is because one of the brain’s duties, according to leading experts in neuroscience, is the function of suppressing painful, fearful memories.  Most therapies approach the problem from a logical thinking perspective, keeping the cause a mystery. Unfortunately, this leaves many suffering needlessly.

At The Physician’s Institute we offer a number of drug-free treatment options that quickly resolve the cause behind the anxiety, thereby eliminating the attacks. The new information gets filed into the subconscious brain, updating the old information and the person feels their power, mental clarity and joy returning. When the panic and fear get replaced with the feelings of confidence and safety the person’s life is immediately changed in all areas, relationships, work, school and health.

The cause and repair of chronic conditions:

Other things that greatly exacerbate the problem when a person suffers with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, auto-immune disease and other chronic illness, are food, medical and environmental pollution, low frequency vibration from the over-use of electronics and being around low vibration people who are negative, judgmental, whiny, needy or angry. These frequencies and toxicity have a grave affect on the brain and body.

The four types of pollution make the body and brain too toxic to function normally. Bogging down the liver and lymphatic system, the person begins to feel like they always have the flu, and brain fog. They feel depressed, lacking energy and motivation. Once these toxic substances lodge in the body, they store in the fat cells causing the body’s lymphatic system to be overloaded. Weight gain is one of the many unhealthy side-effects from the pollution.

Food additives can have a seriously detrimental affect. MSG, artificial sweeteners and other chemical compounds not only are unrecognized by the body but have been tested to have negative mood altering effects in the neurology of the brain and body. They are responsible for millions of people suffering with uncontrollable weight gain, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many nervous system disorders.

Unfiltered tap water in most cities is unhealthy to drink. Water and other foods sold in plastic bottles also have plasticizers that leach into the body that mimic the estrogen receptors which are at the heart of many types of cancer. The best type of water is one that uses high quality filtration. If you want the convenience of carrying fresh water with you, use glass or other non plastic containers.

Medical pollution is a bigger problem today than any other time in our history, with people being prescribed multiple medications at the same time. According to the leaders in neuroscience and biology, drugs are studied singularly but never in combination with other medications. This is a serious oversight of the FDA, and medical community. We have all heard about how taking two safe chemical substances like ammonia and bleach, when combined becomes a lethal gas. It will kill you. However, most people who suffer with chronic conditions are taking anywhere from three to thirty prescriptions at the same time. This is negligence of the highest order! I have heard from many participants in the clinical trials conducted at Vital Frequency’s research center, that it was their pharmacist that brought to their attention, the prescribed lethal combinations they were about to ingest.

The other problem with the medical pollution is this misunderstanding that certain drugs only work on a small little part of the brain or an organ, when in fact the substances bind with the receptor sites on every single cell throughout the body/mind. The names of drugs like selective uptake inhibitors, is very misleading. It is not the area of the brain or body that is selectively affected but instead the type of chemical that is inhibited. Furthermore, on this subject, it has been believed that these chemicals are only found in the brain, but the chemicals being inhibited by these drugs affect function in the heart, the liver, stomach, bones, immune system, etc. These drugs have a huge impact on the overall function of the body.

The electronic smog causes a myriad of problems system-wide. The frontal cortex shuts down and it is hard to think clearly. The digestive and sexual function shuts down along with the auto-immune system and much of the kidney function. The liver stops metabolizing fats and nutrients and the body is filled with ‘attack and protect’ hormones leaving the person agitated, jittery and angry.

Environmental smog is also caused by industrial air pollution, airborne contaminants from building materials, like carpet padding and glue, paint, solvents, varnish, adhesives and fabric coatings. Another big problem with airborne toxins are the highly toxic chemical fragrances found in plug-ins, candles and laundry products and cleaning chemicals. We need to read the labels…if it is not natural, choose something else.

Montel Williams had a show featuring the lethal affects of some ‘harmless’ products on some very famous people, (listen to the Blog-talk radio interview on the homepage).

The negative affects of being around low frequency people is daunting. They can demonstrate the characteristics of angry, victim-like, raging, judgmental or whiny behavior. Which ever tone they choose, it is always very energy depleting, sucking the life-force right out you. This often leads people to feel like they have failed because they cannot seem to help these low frequency people. It is a vicious cycle.

To have a healthy, happy vital life it is necessary to clean out the toxins, raise the cellular vibration and reduce the stress. Here at Vital Frequency we can help you do this effortlessly. We offer many treatment options and special packages for participating in the drug-free clinical trials.

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