Mineral Gemstone Frequency Therapy

by Victoria for PainFree Drug Free, Treatments

Inherent frequency properties of minerals, tektites (meteor fragments), crystals and fossils can be transmitted to the oscillating frequency patterns of each organ in the body. Having the mineral in close proximity to the body allows transmission of the energy signal to occur naturally. The body acts both as a transmitter and receiver.

In cases of severe severe exhaustion, ill health or energy depletion, continued exposure to the frequency may be required to restore vitality and full function to the organs. A practitioner can place multiple minerals or gemstones strategically on the body, simultaneously sending the necessary frequencies to all of the weakened systems.

By combining this treatment with Lightwave Frequency Stimulation the repair time is shortened immensely. Complete restoration usually occurs within minutes. Full restoration can be verified through testing with Applied Kinesiology and other Energy Medicine techniques. This allows practitioners to restore vital energy levels for their patients immediately.

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