The Technology

This gentle, non-invasive technology is safe to use on newborns and the elderly. By systematically addressing the problem behind the problem, we are able to repair chronic health conditions unaffected by all other technology or medical treatments.

Two of the key components to the success of this system is that it is comprehensive, leaving no part of the problem active which could re-trigger the chronic health pattern and the reprogramming of the brain and body circuits to hold the new healthy habit pattern.

By using a combination of most or all of the protocols listed below, the weakness, pain, stress and depletion maintaining the pattern is resolved. By following with repeat treatments, the brain and body easily assimilate the new habit effortlessly, and the body naturally heals itself, as it was built to do. 

    1. Light-wave frequency stimulation equipment with the option to select between seventeen million frequencies, which penetrate the body in five to eight locations, (I am the designer and manufacturer)

    2. Specific brainwave entrainment sound waves with wave-lengths that match the frequencies of the light-wave system

    3. A mineral vest applied over the body during the process producing specific frequencies in the area of vital organs and systems

    4. A modified advanced Chinese method that reduces over-stimulation of sensory nerves and adjusts autonomic nerve function

    5. Circuitry stimulation using both Chinese and modern Energy medicine techniques to increase blood, nerve and oxygen flow 

    6. Pain elimination re-patterning using gentle movements affecting dermatomes, spinal nerves, meridian channels, as well as muscle and tendon fibers

    7. Lymphatic stimulation to move the toxins, because the lymph system does not have a pump and requires specific types of movement to speed the detoxification process 

    8. Long wave infrared promotes tissue regeneration, causes micro-friction molecular resonance for cell repair and lymphatic detoxification 

    9. Physical therapy- using various types of equipment depending on the physical issues

   10. Bio-molecular reformatting therapy to determine any conflicting brain patterns or thought patterns maintain the problem 

   11. Bio-magnetic detoxification auricular therapy, a unique protocol combination of ear acupressure and therapeutic compound formulas for detoxification, organ repair, hormonal balancing and body and brain function strengthening

   12. A series of tests to determine that all circuitry and systems have been re-set to optimum performance levels and adequate blood, nerve and oxygen flow have been adequately restored


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