Are drugs making you sick?

Currently there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the over-use of traditional medications.  Reports of life-threatening and even fatal reactions to highly marketed drugs are causing people to search for safer and more effective ways to relieve their symptoms.  Natural therapeutic compounds, essential oils, herbs and extracts were the medicines of hundreds of years ago.  In fact, they have been documented in many ancients texts around the globe in treating disease.

The therapeutic-grade compound formulas are comprised of (medicinal strength) essential oil compounds.  These oils are the purest form and therefore the most expensive available in the world.  All of the formulas and blends are considered performance strength formulas.  These are not just pretty fragrances.

The reason these formulas actually work to stop pain, reduce allergies, relax the mind and body, balance hormones, add mental clarity and focus and so many other actions is because the ingredients are extremely potent.  Some of the ingredients in the blends are also very expensive.  For instance, the purest Bulgarian Rose oil is $7,000 – $10,000 per pound and Helichrysum is between $2,500 and $10,000 per pound.  Many of these oils are difficult to find.

It is very important to ALWAYS drink plenty of water when using formulas of this strength.  As the body begins to process, oxygenation occurs and the body will begin to eliminate stored toxins.  It is very important to flush out the system with plenty of fresh water.  If you don’t drink enough water, you could experience similar feelings to having the flu or headache due to the toxins building up with no way to be released from the body.

The formulas work on a cellular level.  The molecular frequency vibration of these formulas have been measured in the high 990′s on a scale of 0-1000. 1000 being the emotional frequency of enlightenment. When this frequency and emotion are stimulated it immediately causes system-wide neuropeptides of the same frequency to bind with the hundreds of matching receptors on the cell walls. This happens simultaneously throughout the body effecting detoxification, renewal and healing of all the body systems, allowing the body to work more efficiently.  The high levels of frequency in these herbal remedies have been very effective for centuries in curing all manner of ailments due to these high frequency vibrations.  Essential oils are many times more potent than dried herbs, as they are the live vibrational healing ingredient in the herbs – the “Life Essence” of the plant, that which truly gives the plant its power. For this reason the therapeutic compounds include these vital substances.

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