Treating chronic conditions; Three months prior to conception, during pregnancy and while nursing

The latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience have shown how the treatments for depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorder and other chronic conditions using circuitry repair is extremely effective, very safe and has no harmful side effects. This gentle, non-invasive drug-free treatment works not only a the level of the electrical circuitry in the body, but also at the level of the cell receptors; activating specific neuropeptides to bond to their two to three hundred thousand receptors on the surface of the cells, delivering information and instruction to the cells. This causes body-wide healing to begin. It mobilizes the immune system and also stimulates endorphins, which are the body’s natural healthy morphine.These treatments are safe for pregnant and nursing women, newborns and the frail elderly. Because the process addresses the problem behind the problem and affects change at the causal level and not just that of the symptoms, the repair process is quick. The treatment re-sets the body’s circuitry to the optimum performance levels, allowing the body to balance, repair and heal. Because these are the natural built-in systems of repair, medication is not needed.

These protocols were perfected in clinical trials with the most resistant cases of 20 year chronic pain, depression, bi-polar disorder, RSD, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The subjects experienced the eradication of symptoms within two hours and after eight weeks had reduced their medication by 70-90% with the expectation of becoming medication free after the safe weaning protocol.

Medications have been thought helpful in the past, because people believed it only worked only in the brain on very specific problem areas. However, this is incorrect. When a medication has an effect at all, it is because of these receptors on the surface of the cells. When stimulated, the information travels throughout the neural network affecting cells all throughout the body, thereby affecting many organs and systems in an adverse way.

Medication taken by a woman desiring to get pregnant, already pregnant or nursing should be done only as a last resort. It has been discovered that everything happening with both parents, up to three months prior to conception, affects the fetus. The cells generally live 120 days. Whatever is happening to the cells that will still be alive during conception will become a part of the cellular imprint of the fetus.

Our website offers so much information about the leading edge technology and how you can use it to improve the quality of your life, and giving options of drug-free treatments for the whole family that are more effective than traditional medications and invasive treatments.

We are dedicated to teaching doctors and practitioners all over the world in these new technologies, empowering them to offer their patients effective options to live happy, healthy, drug-free lives. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions that we can help answer. contact

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Whitney Houston; cause of death, chronic heart and brain frequency patterns

The experts in the field of neuroscience are now aware of the rise in this growing pattern causing so many to live miserable lives or die untimely deaths from this ever increasing addiction problem. How many of our brilliantly talented artists and geniuses must we lose to chronic conditions from broken hearts, emotional and brain patterns, drugs, alcohol abuse and unresolved energetic patterns before we start to see what is going on and take some effective action?

This epidemic is off the charts and growing more rampant everyday. It doesn’t matter that many of these people are famous beyond measure, have more money than they can ever spend or have millions of loving fans who adore them. We don’t hear as much about the brilliant scientist, troubled fifth grader, IT genius, truck driver or CEO who struggles with this monumental battle, because they don’t live on the front page of the news. The drugs, alcohol, disorders and abusive relationships are not the problem; they are merely the symptoms.

The real problem is vibrational chronic patterns of the heart, brain and environment. It’s all about the frequency. Quantum physicists and neuro scientists understand the underlying cause, because they are keenly aware of the powerful effects of vibrational range in physics, science, medicine and the human body. The frequency, amplitude and resonance of our vibrational signature or imprint activates specific neuropeptide and receptor bonding on hundreds of thousands of receptors on each or our cells, every time we feel a feeling, become weak, sick or upset.

Because we are electrical beings, this frequency or vibration that is generated body-wide, activates its own out going signal, which attracts similar signals from other people, circumstances and environmental factors. For instance, when you feel the emotion of fear your cells replicate the signal throughout your entire body at the exact moment you feel the emotion. This sets into motion a trickle down process that not only creates an unhealthy body but sends out an electrical impulse into the airwaves, just like a radio signal which attracts other situations and people who are in the same vibration-range. This is a type of molecular attraction.

This explains what is behind the problem when someone just seems to go from one bad relationship to another, no matter how much therapy they have undergone, or how they scrutinize the appearance or behavior of the new person in order to obtain a different result. The problem is in the realm of physics, and is due to the vibrational patterned signal or resonance, amplitude and frequency they are giving off.

The reason most alcohol and drug rehab programs and the current medical approach are not effective long term, is because they have not effectively changed the vibrational signals within the cells, brain and body circuitry. Many people go through rehab with the utmost sincerity and eventually fall back into the old patterns. If the person has also become addicted to pharmaceutical medications from medical treatment, the problem has been compounded by having multiple chronic patterns running simultaneously within the brain/body circuitry.

People have labeled this a disease. Well, in one sense of the term, it is dis-ease within the circuitry. However, the belief that they are doomed to this prognosis and condition for the rest of their lives is just remnants from the ‘old-school’ way of treating the symptoms. It is much like the belief in the old medical model of the synapses and pathways in the brain passively connecting through lock and key at the receptor sites.  The old story has a few accurate pieces of information, but in general, is mostly very out-dated, just as the information about addiction behaviors and patterns being an incurable disease is obsolete.

You may wonder what the peptide and receptors have to do with addiction and bad relationships. In fact it has everything to do with both the cause and repair of this problem. The lock and key’ portion of the description in the old medical model equation has some accuracy. So whenever you feel an emotion, these peptides, also known as molecules of emotion or informational substances immediately communicate with the cells in the body creating changes based on the emotion felt.

However, the old information goes way off track when it comes to the passivity of the neuropeptide and receptor bonding, the short distance affecting activity, the activity being limited only to the brain, and the actions only traveling along specific rigid pathways and synapses within close proximity. In layman’s terms, it was believed that when one had the emotional experience that it only affected a very small area in the brain, as these peptides passively floated by and accidentally bonded to receptor sites along very short, rigid pathways and synapses.

In reality what has now been discovered is that in the moment one feels the emotion, a signal similar to wireless wifi communicates throughout the body. The neuropeptides that match the emotion communicate information to the cells via the two-three hundred thousand receptors on each cell, like a mass email message going to everyone in your mailing list. Depending on the emotion, the cells will behave accordingly. So if one feels the emotion of fear or depression, the cells receive a message that tells every cell in the body to match that frequency. 

It doesn’t take long before the habit pattern or in neuroscience, the neural plasticity, makes a new energetic habit pattern. Depending on the frequency of the emotion, happy or sad, healthy or sick…the cells respond. This determines the health of the cell, the life and death of the cell, whether or not it will divide and when it does divide, exactly what type of cell condition has been multiplied.

Many take this ‘disease’ approach to dealing with chronic habitation and believe that all are powerless to do anything about it with any lasting long-term results. Before truly understanding the science and physics of how the electrical signals in the cells, brain, body and unified field of energy surrounding the body actually worked, this old ‘disease’ approach was the best option and answer available. It was believed that if you were once an addict, you were always an addict. The belief was more about the interaction of the drug, than the patterns running habitually in the circuitry. Without this understanding it was virtually impossible to make lasting change.

Today, the experts now understand that it is quite possible to repair the problem at the root of the cause. In order to do so, and create permanent change, it is imperative to address the six areas that maintain the habitual pattern electrically. These six areas include:

1. The stimulation of the brain and body electrical circuitry within healthy frequency ranges

2. The deliberate activation of specific neuropeptide and receptor bonding

3. The stimulation of endorphins  

4. The mobilization of the immune system

5. The identification of the environmental, medical and emotional electromagnetic signals and toxicity maintaining the pattern

6. The re-patterning protocols for restructuring the vibrational frequency, amplitude and resonance in the cell membrane, body, environment and the conscious and subconscious brain

The precise methods of obtaining the factual evidence of unconscious observations and the subsequent beliefs, habits and thoughts generated by these observations begins the re-patterning process at the level of the brain circuitry. In order to be effective, the patterns must also be restructured in the spinal nerves, dermatome nerves, meridian channels, muscle and tendon fibers, the peptide and receptor response, and the conscious brain activity.

With a treatment process known as circuitry convergence, which is the re-setting of the circuits to the optimum performance levels, these habitual patterns of behavior, thoughts and lifestyle are automatically changed. When the process is repeated in a particular sequence over a series of treatments, the re-patterning takes place. The overwhelming success of the re-patterning is also effective with long-term uncontrollable chronic pain signals and can begin to eradicate 20 year pain in approximately two hours.

After the protocol sequence series is complete, the same mechanism which made the problem a chronic habit pattern will effortlessly maintain the new habit pattern as the normal set point of behavior. Using this approach eliminates the need for focused will power to force change and the constant observation of the past problem, which actually activated the problem in ones energetic field, enabling it to continue.  By going directly to the programming at the cellular and subconscious brain level, the original cause of the problematic behavior is modified, thereby de-activating the old behavior patterns as well as chronic cravings.

The treatment process is gentle, non-invasive and quickly effective. After perfecting this process in clinical studies with the most resistant cases of those who had suffered more than twenty years, it was found to be sustainable after a short series of treatments. After just eight weeks, these subjects who had been taking multiple medications for many years had reduced their medication by 70-90% with the expectation to be medication free soon after the safe weaning process was complete. The subjects did not experience any withdrawal symptoms or harmful side effects. 

The innate intelligence in the body can easily integrate the re-patterning. The healthy pattern is the body’s natural state and can maintain it effortlessly. This process is effective with chronic physical, emotional or mental conditions. 

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Sports Performance

Sports medicine is an up and coming field that is both lucrative and exciting. With the ever growing epidemic of long-term pain, chronic conditions and addiction that is destroying the lives of tens of millions of people with little or no hope of real recovery, many physicians have had enough of the liability and misery are heading in a different direction. The physicians and coaches who can deliver in four sectors of this specialty market win.

In order to compete in this new growing field you first have to deliver the most advanced technology and be able to deliver results that other practices cannot. The athletes, often with world-class status demand the best of the best. They hire the top coaches and consultants for everything from their public status, appearance. platform and publicity. This new field is a hybrid form of part doctor, part coach and part mechanic. To make it in this world your techniques have to not only maintain health and performance but radically enhance it, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Secondly a big challenge especially for those physicians who moved away from traditional pain management clinics is that unless you can eliminate chronic pain you drop to the bottom of the pile. Pain is a huge problem and must be repaired, not masked with drugs, which has its own additional set of problems. Surgery as the repair choice often costs the athlete their entire career if it doesn’t mend properly or there is recurring pain after the body mends. This happens a great deal of the time. Time is of the essence in the most extreme way for the world-class athlete. Waiting around to get well enough to perform their sport can be the very thing that costs them their career.

The third challenge for the contenders is this ever growing field is the ability to deal with the Achilles heel, chronic illness and conditions. Chronic conditions have a huge affect on the performance and skill of the athlete. These conditions interfere with the training and rest and recuperation, and body strengthening and brain function. These can range from physical issues like acid re-flux, arthritis, insomnia, fibromyalgia, digestion problems as well as those affecting mental and emotional states such as anxiety, depression, addiction, ADD, OCD, eating disorders and migraines.

The added stress of competitions makes these and many other conditions an ongoing problem for top performers. Concussion awareness has started a new trend in athlete care requiring better care and proof of true restoration before allowing a player to compete. Improving performance, speed and skill is the name of the game and you must deliver the techniques that perfect these skills to stay on top.

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Pregnancy can be quite challenging if the mother suffers from any health conditions because everything she does has a significant affect on the fetus. For this very reason we recommend the twelve phase treatment protocol for all pregnant mothers throughout the pregnancy. Unlike medical treatments that include medications, tests and scans using dyes or radiation, stressful or uncomfortable probing or unpleasant exams, everything we do in our treatments feels like a day at the spa for both mother and baby.

The twelve phase program reduces stress on every circuit in the body. When the mother is calm and feeling nurtured, so is the baby. It gently cleanses and detoxifies stored contaminants that could affect the health of the fetus; after all, the mother’s body is the baby’s environment. By strengthening the organs and vital systems body-wide, there are more natural resources available for the healthy development of the baby.

Studies have shown that every emotional experience that the mother feels affects the baby. The science behind that is becoming more main stream today. In the field of neuroscience they have discovered that the molecules of emotion,( in a book with the same title by Dr. Candace Pert), are neuropeptides that trigger a response with the hundreds of thousands of matching receptor sites on every cell of the body. These neuropeptides bind with the matching (lock and key) receptors on the cell and it happens all throughout the body at the same time that you feel the emotion, just like a wireless signal with wifi.

The cells have millions of receptors.  For every emotional state there are two or three hundred thousand matching (lock and key) receptors. So when the mother feels happy, the neuropeptides that match happy( the body’s natural happy hormones) connect with all the cells. So, in essence you get a body full of happy cells. Happy, healthy cells live longer, are stronger and divide into double the amount of happy cells. Conversely, the opposite is also true of unhappy emotions.

This is the reason it is so important to the development of the baby to have a calm, happy, healthy mother. The average life of a cell is about 120 days. When a cell divides, it creates two matching cells. If the mother has been primarily calm, happy and healthy, every cell division will add more healthy happy cells. If however, the mother is upset, frightened, depressed, angry, lonely or jealous, the cell division creates cells that have those attributes.

The side effects of the treatments are increased natural energy and vitality, restful sound sleep, the balancing of hormones, mental focus and clarity, healthier skin, improved digestion, and an over-all feeling of well being. Brainwave entrainment is played in the background when receiving the treatments. It has the effect of deep meditation or deep sleep. Most people find that they fall into a restful sleep during most of the treatment and awaken feeling as though they just returned from a vacation, both energized and very pleasantly calm.

Toxicity and toxemia are issues for the pregnant mother. By strengthening the body systems, the liver, kidneys, spleen and entire lymphatic system is better able to safely eliminate toxins. The use of gentle lymphatic cleansing protocols including far infrared is a very healthy option for the pregnant woman and baby.

We have had multiple reports from women previously unable to carry a fetus to term. They have advised us after having had many miscarriages, that the treatments made such a change in their body that they had a full healthy pregnancy without issues and had a normal delivery after carrying to full term. The body has built-in programs designed to repair. When not bogged down by toxins, stress and low frequency vibration, it can repair itself thoroughly.

Because birth is a stressful experience for mother and baby, we treat many newborns. These babies respond immediately to the treatments, falling asleep and resting. The mothers report that they seem so much happier afterwards. Many mothers bring the babies in when they get a cold or feel sick, after their shots when they are fussy or when they are colicky and can’t sleep. A happy baby makes for a happy home.

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Will insurance, employer or credit pay for this treatment?

Many people are suffering today with a variety of chronic conditions. Some are physical, some emotional and most are a combination of both. It doesn’t matter, which came first the stress or the pain and weakness; it still falls into the category of chronic conditions.

One of the first questions we get from people who have suffered for a long time is “Will my insurance cover this”? For those without insurance the question is “Will anything help cover the costs”?

Whether you use insurance, a pre-tax account, cash or credit card, the treatments work very quickly when done in succession regularly. The body learns the new pattern even more easily than it did the chronic problematic pattern because a healthy state is the body’s natural homeostatic state.


Most insurance will cover some portion of the cost, if not all. We can provide you with the adequate codes to present to your provider. We are currently working through the clinical trials to get these procedures fully covered by all insurance companies.


You can ask your employer to set up a pre-tax account from which you can pay for your wellness and healthcare, thereby saving you the taxable dollars. Many are quite amazed that they have been paying money to the government that they could have been using all these years for the treatment of their health and well-being.

Credit cards:

Our merchant service providers allow us to take credit card payments with signed release forms. We accept all major cards.

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Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks have become more prevalent in our society over the last decade. Affecting young children, teens and adults, this chronic condition worsens over time with the onset of sleeplessness, depression and full body aches and pains. It leaves many people completely frozen, unable to speak, act or breathe. While there are many things that can be attributed to the problem, it usually begins with an emotionally charged moment in time. It could be physical or mental trauma, or just a misconceived observation, leaving the person feeling helpless and frightened.

When questioned about what they think started the issue, most can’t remember. That is because one of the brain’s duties, according to leading experts in neuroscience, is the function of suppressing painful, fearful memories.  Most therapies approach the problem from a logical thinking perspective, keeping the cause a mystery. Unfortunately, this leaves many suffering needlessly.

At The Physician’s Institute we offer a number of drug-free treatment options that quickly resolve the cause behind the anxiety, thereby eliminating the attacks. The new information gets filed into the subconscious brain, updating the old information and the person feels their power, mental clarity and joy returning. When the panic and fear get replaced with the feelings of confidence and safety the person’s life is immediately changed in all areas, relationships, work, school and health.

The cause and repair of chronic conditions:

Other things that greatly exacerbate the problem when a person suffers with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, auto-immune disease and other chronic illness, are food, medical and environmental pollution, low frequency vibration from the over-use of electronics and being around low vibration people who are negative, judgmental, whiny, needy or angry. These frequencies and toxicity have a grave affect on the brain and body.

The four types of pollution make the body and brain too toxic to function normally. Bogging down the liver and lymphatic system, the person begins to feel like they always have the flu, and brain fog. They feel depressed, lacking energy and motivation. Once these toxic substances lodge in the body, they store in the fat cells causing the body’s lymphatic system to be overloaded. Weight gain is one of the many unhealthy side-effects from the pollution.

Food additives can have a seriously detrimental affect. MSG, artificial sweeteners and other chemical compounds not only are unrecognized by the body but have been tested to have negative mood altering effects in the neurology of the brain and body. They are responsible for millions of people suffering with uncontrollable weight gain, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many nervous system disorders.

Unfiltered tap water in most cities is unhealthy to drink. Water and other foods sold in plastic bottles also have plasticizers that leach into the body that mimic the estrogen receptors which are at the heart of many types of cancer. The best type of water is one that uses high quality filtration. If you want the convenience of carrying fresh water with you, use glass or other non plastic containers.

Medical pollution is a bigger problem today than any other time in our history, with people being prescribed multiple medications at the same time. According to the leaders in neuroscience and biology, drugs are studied singularly but never in combination with other medications. This is a serious oversight of the FDA, and medical community. We have all heard about how taking two safe chemical substances like ammonia and bleach, when combined becomes a lethal gas. It will kill you. However, most people who suffer with chronic conditions are taking anywhere from three to thirty prescriptions at the same time. This is negligence of the highest order! I have heard from many participants in the clinical trials conducted at Vital Frequency’s research center, that it was their pharmacist that brought to their attention, the prescribed lethal combinations they were about to ingest.

The other problem with the medical pollution is this misunderstanding that certain drugs only work on a small little part of the brain or an organ, when in fact the substances bind with the receptor sites on every single cell throughout the body/mind. The names of drugs like selective uptake inhibitors, is very misleading. It is not the area of the brain or body that is selectively affected but instead the type of chemical that is inhibited. Furthermore, on this subject, it has been believed that these chemicals are only found in the brain, but the chemicals being inhibited by these drugs affect function in the heart, the liver, stomach, bones, immune system, etc. These drugs have a huge impact on the overall function of the body.

The electronic smog causes a myriad of problems system-wide. The frontal cortex shuts down and it is hard to think clearly. The digestive and sexual function shuts down along with the auto-immune system and much of the kidney function. The liver stops metabolizing fats and nutrients and the body is filled with ‘attack and protect’ hormones leaving the person agitated, jittery and angry.

Environmental smog is also caused by industrial air pollution, airborne contaminants from building materials, like carpet padding and glue, paint, solvents, varnish, adhesives and fabric coatings. Another big problem with airborne toxins are the highly toxic chemical fragrances found in plug-ins, candles and laundry products and cleaning chemicals. We need to read the labels…if it is not natural, choose something else.

Montel Williams had a show featuring the lethal affects of some ‘harmless’ products on some very famous people, (listen to the Blog-talk radio interview on the homepage).

The negative affects of being around low frequency people is daunting. They can demonstrate the characteristics of angry, victim-like, raging, judgmental or whiny behavior. Which ever tone they choose, it is always very energy depleting, sucking the life-force right out you. This often leads people to feel like they have failed because they cannot seem to help these low frequency people. It is a vicious cycle.

To have a healthy, happy vital life it is necessary to clean out the toxins, raise the cellular vibration and reduce the stress. Here at Vital Frequency we can help you do this effortlessly. We offer many treatment options and special packages for participating in the drug-free clinical trials.

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Chronic Pain…has met its match

It has been an amazing week of clinical trials here in Dallas, Texas.  Doctors are now refering their most difficult cases of severe chronic pain to us. The unprecedented results are amazing everyone. The treatments have proven to be effective with the most resistant types of long term pain and chronic illness.  Our objective with the trials is to prove to insurance providers and employers who cooperate with wellness program memberships, the effectiveness and cost savings of choosing these treatments over the traditional noneffective pain management and medication protocols. We are in the business of stopping the pain patterns and allowing the body to quickly strengthen and heal.

One recent case is of a woman who has suffered for twenty two years with reflex sympathetic dystrophy also known as R.S.D., an excruciating type of pain affecting the nerves which feels like the entire body is on fire twenty four hours a day. This woman has seen teams of specialists and suffered multiple unsuccessful surgeries, implants, injections of ganglion blocks, facet blocks and even a surgically implanted spinal stimulator which reached from her head to her tailbone. Not only did this radically invasive procedure not help her, but instead made the pain worse.

If this was not horrible enough, it also set off every store alarm and security check point she entered. Due to the fact that she had her head shaved for the surgery, requiring that she cover her head with a scarf, she was also dark skinned. Mind you, all of this took place right after the terrorist attacks of 9/11… this woman was in a ‘living hell’ every time an alarm went off. Enslaved to medications that left her often feeling like she was loosing her mind (a common side effect of R/S.D.), often too  fatigued to function and fearing the loss of body function all together, this woman had suffered the unthinkable. Though qualified by her doctors for disability, she refused. She said that she was not disabled and had a hope that something could…would help her.  Besides the fact that she could not enjoy her wonderful family, she also funded a non-profit company that is responsible for the care of six hundred babies in an orphanage and says she must find a way to recover because they count on her for their very existence.

I am happy to report that she left her first treatment pain free! She has now had four treatments and most of her pain is gone. Her vitality is back, she is out and about, exercising regularly…sometimes overdoing it because it feels so good to be able to do so and she can even wear her gorgeous stiletto heels…all you women know how important that is. She has been able to reduce her medication by more than fifty percent and expects to be completely pain and medication free soon after a few more treatments.

Another person referred to the trials has been out of work and not able to drive or live alone for many years due to severe pain, fatigue and weakness from fibromyalgia. Unable to care for herself or maintain any type of life and too tired to try, she said it was like being dead only miserable at the same time. She too left after her first treatment completely out of pain feeling energized and hopeful. The fibro-fog lifted, depression left and energy returned. Her pain was greatly reduced after three treatments allowing her to work on her feet ten plus hours a day. Fibromyalgia can be reversed with consistent care long enough to retrain the brain and body patterns and the restoration of energy stores.

Rheumatoid arthritis does not only affect the aging. A woman in her early twenties was reluctantly referred by her doctor, who was quite skeptical that anything could help her. For many years her wrists and ankles were frozen in a rigid position not allowing any range of motion and her knees were the size of large grapefruits. Her husband stated that it was a major feat to help her get out of bed each morning and he agonized at her pain. If this is not sad enough to know this tiny young woman, barely more than a child herself was in so much constant pain and had difficulty with simple movements, she also could not play with her lovely baby girl of nearly two. Lacking the range of motion necessary to get down on the floor or up again, the ability to do more than barely pick up her child, she was depressed and feared how much worse it could become.

After her first treatment she had some improvement in range of motion with one side and the pain was completely gone. Upon seeing her come from the treatment room her husband said she looked younger and happy. I asked her what outcome she hoped for from the treatments. She said she just wanted to be able to get on the floor and play with her baby girl and if the pain could be reduced she would be so grateful. She received four more treatments which gave her increased range of motion on both sides and is now able to play with her child. Her pain is gone…it has been several months.

A note from one of the doctors

Regarding a woman who has suffered for more than 23years with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She has had three treatments and has already reduced her medication by more than fifty percent.





To Whom it May Concern


I have sent several of my more difficult chronic pain patients, and one of our international elite athletes, for concentration issues, to Victoria Richards, at The Physicians Institute and have seen marked improvement.   One of these patients has failed several spine surgeries and has stated that it has decreased her pain, when nothing else has. Her level of medication has been decreased by nearly 50 percent. We are still determining which patients will benefit most from treatment, with initial encouraging result we look forward to working with her as she continues to develop her technology and protocols.

Sherine Reno, MD and Staff



















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ABC Interview

ABC News Interview tells how Victoria Richards’ latest technology helped so many people in Dallas, Texas USA, who suffered with severe symptoms of  one percentile Grave’s disease and excessive menopausal symptoms; hot flashes, depression, night sweats and hormonal weight gain. If you wish to learn more, contact us by registering on the site or email  Follow us on the website here at There is an abundance of information for you, and we are adding more and more everyday.

We have people who received these treatments more than five years ago and have remained symptom and pain free without the use of medication. You can have this amazing treatment too. All you have to do is register and send us an email telling us when you would like to come in. The treatments are also effective with long term pain and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, anxiety disorder, depression and bi-polar disorder. The side effects include increased energy levels and stamina, restful, sound sleep and an overwhelming feeling of well being from the endorphin stimulation.

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Doctors are learning amazing new procedures that turn off severe chronic pain in minutes! When your patients have had the pain for 20 years or more… When the drugs only masked the pain, surgery made it worse, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage helped a little but the pain still keeps coming back… Now your patients can be pain free…drug free!

Chronic pain is maintained by signals sent through the body’s electrical systems. The nervous system, the meridians and  the subconscious brain records everything  you experience.  The efficiency of the brain, with so many tasks to accomplish in any given moment, automates reoccurring experiences and signals.  So, chronic pain is often just an energetic habit patternsignal.

Doctors from around the world are learning these advanced procedures. The results are astounding! Doctors now have the ability to turn off pain in minutes that the patient has had for decades. This instantly changes their practice for the better. Now all their chronic pain patients can get the relief they have sought for so long.

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Energy Modification…the future of Medicine

The future of medicine…

Twelve Keys To Energy Modification…

Today the quickest way to a healthy body is Energy ModificationIt is all about the frequencies. The body has several  electromagnetic systems that are interconnected.  So when one system breaks down, it creates a domino effect causing weakness, stress and eventually disease and premature aging.

Advancements in science, physics and quantum bio-molecular mechanics have proven that the future of medicine is in the ability to treat the body’s sophisticated electromagnetic systems.  These integrated information systems Continue reading

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Light wave frequency stimulator

Cancer, depression and bi-polar disorder respond to a new cutting edge treatment at an The Physician’s Institute in Dallas, Texas.  The founder of the institute and and clinic is the inventor of the equipment. She states that all disease can be reversed with the use of frequency regulating protocols.  One of these special protocols is a new advanced level frequency stimulator which uses specially designed equipment to modify the body frequencies.  With over 16,000,000 customizable frequencies, this equipment resets the body’s electrical systems… within minutes!

Each organ in the body has a measurable vibrational frequency for optimal health.  By stimulating each area of the body which measures weak, with the exact frequency needed to repair, the body instantly responds, altering the state of the treated areas.  The sophisticated cell to cell communication system creates a domino effect strengthening other systems in the body.

Reports of radical change in those suffering with severe chronic illness is the norm with this treatment.  When combined with the Pulse Diagnosis and repair treatment and Bio-magnetic detoxification for the cells, cases of  cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and bi-polar disorder have been known to go into immediate remission. This is due to the body’s built-in repair programs receiving enough vital resources to do what it was built to do…repair itself.

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7 Secret Weapons…Excite your receptors!


What would happen if you could flip your power switch, excite your receptors and turn up your frequency in 60 minutes…or less

The last two decades brings  staggering increases in severe illness. Why are we so sick and tired…What can we do about it? These mounting problems consist of depression, bi-polar, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and cancer, just to name a few.  With all our technological advancements...we still have so many escalating health problems.

Doctors report extreme menopausal symptoms in girls as young as 20
Depression, insomnia, migraines and severe pain reach all time highs…in adults and children
The use of prescription drugs and surgery is off the charts

Our bodies have incredibly sophisticated built-in programming to repair tissue, heal disease and pain. We are not meant to age and suffer with illness and pain as we do.

1. Flip your power switch; A thousand years ago, if you were under stress…probably something was about to eat you. At the very moment that you were in danger several things happened to give you the resources to stay alive. All the blood left your fore-brain and went to your arms so you could fight and your legs so you could run. That is one reason why it is so hard to think clearly when under stress.

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ABC news… features cutting edge treatment!

News stations all over the US featured a cutting edge treatment that repairs the body at the cellular and electrical level.  The effects were so remarkable that it was presented to the Texas Medical Association. Medical Researchers from Stanford University are reviewing it for improving the results in wound care for Diabetes.

Miraculous relief for many…

The treatment that gave such amazing relief flooded ABC news and programs across the country.  According to one station’s IT department, it was the most hit video clip in the station’s history.

One Dallas business owner reports that years of extremely painful health problems, planter fasciitis, severe neck & back pain, depression and hormonal problems caused her to be out of work for up to eight weeks at a time. Then in March 2007 she found this treatment…it was the answer. Continue reading

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Energy Medicine…repairing the body’s electrical systems

Energy Medicine procedures: The most recent advances in the field of medicine have been in areas of the Body’s Electrical Systems. The ancient Chinese understood these complex systems and how they were integrated into a structure of specific control models. When the body functioned normally it had a specific energy flow pattern.  When the body was under stress it required a different pattern of energy flow to repair, when depleted…yet another pattern.

Energy medicine is the new “Natural hands on” approach to restoring strength and vitality to the body. By using very accurate testing techniques, rapid repair strategies and the ability to repair “on the spot”, practitioners can now quickly empower their patients to have full vital and happy lives.

Evaluate the core problems: Applied Kinesiology, also known as energy testing or muscle testing, is one of the techniques often used  to do a series of tests which give immediate, accurate answers about the current condition and needs of the body. The intelligence systems within the body responds giving information about the areas of stress, weakness and illness. The tests can be repeated after the treatment protocols to verify total restoration has occurred.

There are testing procedures to identify:

  • Which circuits in the body have stress energy running through them
  • If the energy levels are adequate
  • If the energy signals are crossing over the body in correct patterns
  • Which organs and systems are weak
  • Where pain triggers and repair locations can be found
  • If the brain-body communication system is online
  • Where there may be blocked energy channels
  • What is causing the depletion and loss of energy

Turn off the stress: The first part of any repair regime is to turn off the old stressful energy depleting patterns. Because the brain continuously runs energetic habit patterns automatically, it is difficult to affect permanent change without turning off the old patterns first.

There are specific protocols to turn off stress and remove energetic blocks within the circuits. This is done using one of the ancient control cycles of repair, whereby stress is removed in one circuit at a time in a very specific pattern.  This is due to the highly integrated sophisticated communication systems in the body. When the stress signals are turned off in the correct order they can remain off.  If  not in the correct order, the effects are not as significant because the stress signals can be re-triggered by one of the other integrated systems.

Replenish energy and vitality: When the stress has been turned off in the circuits, then it is possible to teach the body a new pattern which is strengthening. Energy medicine offers many “hands on” natural ways to restore vital energy and strength. Each of the options are completely painless, gentle, drug free, non invasive and very potent.

According to the ancients, each organ and system has a 2 hour repair cycle at a specific time of the day.  In some parts of the world a patient may be checked into a hospital for an overnight stay to receive treatment if the organ’s repair cycle time happens to be in the middle of the night. During the 2 hour repair cycle time, the treatment is 400 times more effective in restoring strength and order.

Restore body balance: The balance of the body systems is crucial to health and well being.  In our culture we have learned to over do, push ourselves, work too hard, fret too much and not take great care of our bodies and minds. Even when we are fatigued, stressed to the max and just “running on fumes”, we just keep going.

In Energy Medicine, addressing both the strengthening and nurturing of the body is key to creating balance.  Chinese Medicine has identified two energetic types of energy which run through the body and the system which are associated with each.  They are known as yin and yang.  The yin is the calming and nurturing. The yang is the strengthening and exciting. There are energy pathways known as meridians which are associated with specific organs and systems. There are both yin and yang meridians.

Western medicine has identified two systems which have these two opposing objectives and actions as well.  The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Just as with yin and yang the sympathetic is the calming nurturing and the parasympathetic is the exciting and strengthening.

In order to achieve body balance and harmony within the many systems there must be both rest and regenerating. So we must remove stress and then strengthen.

Protect and insure: There are many different things that can deplete your health.  Some are environmental, some emotional and some physiological. Knowing what makes you weak and what keeps you strong is very important. Then setting up your lifestyle to support a healthy happy existence is easy.

Energy Medicine offers many easy techniques which can be done quickly each day at home or work which will insure your new health and protect against further depletion.

Maintain new patterns: Once your body has learned the new healthy patterns, your vitality has been restored and you are ever aware of how to keep yourself balanced… the rest is easy.  When your body learns a new healthy pattern and it is kept in place for a period of time…that becomes the new energetic habit pattern.  Your body will effortlessly maintain the new way. Once you make it a habit, it will be easy because…habits are hard to break.

With the exposure to the new dimensions of frequencies now available to us on earth, and armed with these new habit patterns, we can upgrade our physical bodies to better interact with and utilize these higher frequencies.

Energy Medicine uses a comprehensive approach to restoration. If traditional treatments have not given long term permanent change, it is not necessarily that the treatment didn’t work…it just didn’t work on all of the integrated systems.   If even one of these systems needs attention and is not repaired, it can trickle down causing the original problem to return.

There are two reasons that traditional treatments may not work. The symptoms are being treated and not the root cause.  All systems involved must be treated, a singular approach will not work very well. When doctors only treat the symptoms,  success is limited at best.  This is especially true of chronic situations.  Chronic illness and pain can be immediately reversed by giving relief, addressing all systems involved, restoring energy, turning off stress, regulating frequency flow and detoxifying when needed.

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