Patients, clients or doctors wanting treatment

To receive one of our amazing treatments or to become a participant in our on-going clinical studies, email us at

The stimulation of endorphins and other neuropeptides in our treatments make you feel so good, it will seem as though you just came back from vacation. This technology raises the cellular frequency, re-patterns the brain and body and strengthens the systems that were weakened by stress.  Come in and see what it will do for you…you deserve it.

You don’t have to be sick, in pain or addicted to come in for treatment. Although these chronic conditions are re-patterned and repaired with this system, it is a great way to raise your vibration, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So, if you want improvement in your body, career, relationships and spirituality…this treatment will take you to higher realms than ever before.

We do specialize in working with the critically ill, depressed and dying. However we also consult with the corporate elite to take them to the top and give them ‘the edge’ to stay there. Some of our long-term clients are industry leaders, CEO’s and world-class athletes. Join the ranks of the ‘best in the world’ and raise your vibration to new heights and really enjoy your life!

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