The Physician's Institute

The Physician's Institute and Vital Frequency Research Center & Clinic have joined together to coordinate the latest scientific research, cutting edge technology, treatment protocols and the training of doctors and practitioners globally in the areas of drug free options for the most resistant cases of long term pain, chronic conditions and addiction. With ongoing research and clinical trials, our objective is to get these options recognized and available to all who suffer needlessly.

The Future of Medicine

The latest advancements in the fields of neuroscience, biophysics and quantum mechanics has discovered that the real future of medicine will be in the ability to treat the sophisticated electrical systems of the body which affects the neuropeptide/receptor activity in the body/mind.

Doctor and Practitioner License/Certification

We train doctors and healthcare practitioners worldwide in the latest drug free technologies tested in a privately funded research facility. Currently there are five certification programs found to be effective in the treatment of long term pain and chronic conditions. Contact us for training schedules and pricing at 404 918 9099 or email us at

Clinical Trials and Treatment Programs

We are a privately funded research facility, testing the most efficient and effective drug free technologies for the treatment of long term pain and chronic conditions. We have no ties to any pharmaceutical companies or institutions with third party funding that could affect the statistics of our findings.

Supporting Charity and Non-Profits

In our effort to continue clinical trials in all areas of long term pain, chronic illness and addiction we work hand in hand with many charitable organizations who help us spread the word about the available trials. We provide a portion of all proceeds from the trials to support the charities and non-profits that work with us in bringing the latest cutting edge technology to all who suffer needlessly.

If your organization would like to be a part of the latest studies on drug free technologies for a healthier world, please contact us at 404 918 9099 or email us at

Latest News...

The Physician's Institute, Vital Frequency Clinic, Essential Aire Company and Victoria Richards have united to bring the latest most advanced methods to health practitioners worldwide. Keep up with the latest studies and results here.