The New Science

Electromagnetic technology: the power to heal from anything

In the past forty years, science and medicine have been modified and revolutionized through so many different phases, that it barely resembles the information printed in the textbooks so many years ago. Unfortunately, the process of upgrading data in the study and teaching guides is a very slow process. The inside cover of most current textbooks in universities around the globe, reflect the archaic and obsolete beliefs and science of the past, bearing publishing dates that precede the birth of my parents… or grandparents.

In the sixties and seventies, many radical changes took place with discoveries about the function of the cells in our bodies. This new science sent much of the past data out the window. For instance, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work proving that the power center or “brain” of the cell was not the nucleus as once believed, but in fact it was the membrane of the cell that is the real functioning control center.  Around the same time, in the mid seventies, scientists all around the planet discovered the existence of endorphins, first named enkephalins by the Scottish.

These ‘molecules of emotion’, in a book written by Dr. Candace Pert with the same title, changed everything we know about cause and effect in body, brain and unified field of intelligence, now known in neuroscience as the body/mind. The old model of the lock and key with receptors and peptides, restricted to linear pathways and synapses, changed radically once it was discovered that this action was not limited to the previously thought rigid linear structure. Once thought that the stimulation caused a message to travel across the synapse/pathway line is now known to be a much broader field of stimulation, transmitting and receiving all through the body.

What that means to us in our everyday lives, is that the thoughts that stimulate emotion have a far greater effect on our lives than ever known before. Today’s leading neuroscientists now understand the signal, to be more like the wireless signals of wifi. At the exact moment in time, that the neurotransmitters send and receive signals in one part of the brain or body, releasing these chemicals of emotion, it happens wirelessly all throughout the trillions of cells body-wide. Furthermore and even more importantly, the emotions we feel trigger neuropeptides, that when stimulated, bind to the matching receptors on the cell surface, releasing the endorphin like substances which are the body’s natural morphine. So literally, ever thought we think which creates a feeling, then triggers this instant natural chemical response in every single cell.

When you hear stories of people healing themselves of terminal disease by watching funny movies, focusing on happy feelings or having a long overdue meltdown attack, of years of repressed anger, it is because of this very mechanism. So in other words, whatever emotion you are feeling in any given moment, all of your cells are feeling it too. You may wonder how focusing on happy feelings and having a meltdown can both affect that level of change.

The happy emotion is a bit easier to understand because the emotion of happy feels healthy. The reason that when a person has that meltdown, letting out the years of repressed anger, has such a healing effect is two fold. One, there are more and more studies being done today to explain exactly what happens when we experience that level of anger or rage. My suspicion is that they will find it is similar to the flight or flight response, liberating massive amounts of needed energy. The second reason is that when a person represses or stuffs their true feelings, it causes the same emotional response as being forced against their will to comply. This creates the feeling of helplessness and in many cases, over time, it becomes the feeling of hopelessness.

When they reach that point of “I have had enough of this”, and the anger comes bursting out, they are free to say all that they have wanted to say. It may be a short burst or an avalanche of rage that lasts for a very long time. Either way, as it all being said, it brings a release of endorphin-like bliss. When the explosion, or as it was called many years ago, the nervous breakdown is over, the person can feel this bliss-like, floating feeling for days. I’ve heard it reported that some even experience that slight hick-up like gasping for air that little children have after crying for a long time.

Have you ever had a time when you too had ‘had enough’ and stopped saying yes when you meant no? It too brings on a type of peaceful happiness at the end of saying what you have withheld for so long. It seems the longer you hold it in, the more pressure that builds up, and the louder the explosion when it does come out. It is all good. It is that scene at the end of the movies of the victorious underdogs, where everyone is in tears, cheering and feeling so much happiness, energy, empowerment and yes,…bliss.

Because we are electromagnetic beings, there are many ways to stimulate these neuropeptides, causing them to hook up with the matching two to three hundred thousand cell receptors on each cell. It is a matter of raising the vibration, frequency and amplitude. At The Physician’s Institute and Vital Frequency Research Center, we focus our studies, treatments and clinical trials on the multiple ways to do so.

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