Reducing Healthcare Costs for Patients

The ravaging effects of rising costs for healthcare have gotten completely out of control. The worst part is that people are not even getting healthier after spending so much time and money. Poked, prodded, scanned, tested and overmedicated they come out sicker than they went in. Missing work, paying for multiple medications, which cause even more side effects, people are barely getting by. Most struggle to get through the day. The statistics regarding the costs associated with one employee who misses work, pays for medications, surgeries and treatments that didn’t help, is off the charts. Currently, 50 million Americans suffer with chronic pain, and the associated costs are in the multiple billions.

The new technology that restores youthful vigor and mental health

As the leading experts in the field of technology for long-term pain, chronic conditions and addiction, we have recently developed programs for individuals and companies to maximize health, mental clarity, focus and personal performance while also cutting the costs of healthcare.

Whether you are a stressed out 40 something dealing with too much work, not enough time, back pain and hormonal issues or someone who just feels tired, unhappy and aging much too quickly, our performance technology gives you the best bang for your buck.

In the past, performance-enhancement techniques usually came in the form of motivational workshops, medical treatments, manager training or sport training. We feel that every person, employee or executive deserves to be in top form emotionally, physically and mentally. The problem is that most systems in the market require more effort and time than most people have to give and in the end, don’t address the real problem.

The medical model is a costly failure in restoring your health

Too many people spend tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to get healthy using the current medical system. Sadly, after taking innumerable tests and scans, dozens of medications and still find themselves tired, stressed, unhappy and unable to sleep, they usually conclude there must be something else wrong with them. When what we find in our ongoing clinical studies of the most resistant cases of long-term pain and illness, the problem is not with the patient but the treatment process.

The motivational, management training and fitness models comes up short

Too many health gurus and infomeials promise the moon and deliver much less. It’s not that the exercise routine, green drink diet or chanting mantras isn’t a healthy piece to add to your life; it just doesn’t address the main problem. When people suffer with any chronic condition be it pain, illness, weight, bad relationships, not enough money or lack of happiness, it must be addressed at the causal level.

People want to feel motivated and happy, but when they are exhausted it is too far of a leap to get there. People want to be successful, but implementing new strategies when they are sleep deprived, hormonal or depressed is impossible.  Of course, people want to be strong, viral and fit but when you suffer from chronic twenty-year pain, getting out of bed is a feat on its own.

The ‘buck up and be strong’ or ‘yeah rah rah, you can do it’ does not repair the real problem. Usually, these strategies end up making people feel worse about themselves because they failed at another attempt to restore their health. It is not their fault.

Everything is caused by something. It sounds like a simple statement, but it rarely comes up in one’s visit to the doctor, trainer or motivational coach. They usually have their own agenda with how to fix you, never even asking things like…

When did this first occur?

Did you move to a new residence or job?

What was going on during that time in your life?

Did you experience any unusual loss or trauma?

Without understanding the details of your life at the time your body experienced a loss of power, strength, mental performance, organ function, etc., how can they resolve the problem?

Technology that works while saving you precious time and money

Our technology has been proven effective with the most difficult cases un-helped by all other medical treatments and procedures. These success rates are no accident. The strategy behind the technology is to deal with the underlying cause of the first problem as well as the subsequent problems that came after. People don’t just wake up one day with cancer, depressed, diabetic, and exhausted or twenty pounds heavier. Something started the process rolling long before those symptoms occurred.

The procedures are so gentle that they can be used on newborn babies and the elderly. They work at the level of the cells’ receptor sites and the neuropeptide activity. Because the new understanding of how the body repairs, the neuroscientists know that the signals from the cells transmit throughout the body affecting every other cell all at the same time.

This technology allows for very rapid recovery from long term chronic conditions and the associated side effects. Symptoms that used to require years of treatments and often life-long medication use can be successfully treated in a short series of treatments, without medication.

The physical treatments reduce stress, strengthen the body, detoxify the cells, and restore youthful vigor, hormone balance and physical strength. The emotional and mental treatments elevate the mood, sharpen mental focus and clarity and leave the person experiencing an overwhelming feeling of well being from the release of endorphins.

The customized programs offer the full range and quality of care needed to address the level of performance necessary, be it emotional. mental or physical health as well as chronic habit patterns affecting relationships, success in life or business savvy.

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