Reducing Costs for Employers

The real problem behind the problem

As stated in the main page article about the ravaging effects of rising costs for employers, there are eight critical categories of repair to consider in a customized program for your company or division. The new technology identifies and repairs all eight of these company destroyers, turning your profits around and making your company a much more pleasant place to work.

  • Employee productivity, morale and loyalty

When morale is low and productivity is down, the company bottom line shows it immediately.  This common problem creates an avalanche of money depleting trouble in any organization. It only takes one unhappy employee to create an unhealthy work environment for everyone.  Their bad attitude, complaining and gloom spreads through the office like a plague. This quickly lowers morale which directly affects performance, cooperation and overall office climate. Before you know it everyone in the department is unhappy and unproductive. Our program starts at the level of the employees, identifying the weak areas, repairing inter-office politics, improving attitudes, restoring healthy vitality thereby increasing morale, productivity and loyalty in the employees; returning company profitability.

  • Dealing with difficult employees and ‘water-cooler politics’

Often the most aggressive, angry person in a group becomes the pack leader and the more violent a crowd the more likely it is to result in an angry mob. It is no different in the workplace, employees listen to the most aggressive in the group and usually follow their lead. The reason for this odd phenomenon is the power of vibrational frequency. The angry aggressive person in the group has a strong forceful presence, often overpowering the others in the group. When this strong personality continues to complain and gossip, eventually everyone else joins in. It’s all about the strength and vibration of the leader.  Our system deals directly with the source of the discontent, thereby creating rapid positive change.

  • Down time costs due to absent or late workers

It is easy to overlook the subtle but building costs created by late and constantly absent workers. The statistics regarding annual costs of employees missing work are astronomical. For every minute, an employee is not present and productive, it costs the company money and strength. The trickle down of problems caused by the employees taking up the slack, orders not shipped, calls returned late are immeasurable. The technology gets to the bottom of the problem behind the absenteeism and repairs it.

  • Costs of overloaded, less productive employees

When one employee is late or absent, someone must take up the slack. That means that another employee is now doing the work of two, half as well or half as fast.  Many employees complain of feeling the stress and pressure to perform under these conditions, which causes them unnecessary health issues. This causes resentment, which directly affects morale and productivity. It also creates a mounting lack of respect for their superiors. Our system not only repairs the problems with absenteeism, but also restores vitality and uplifts the mood of the employees.

  • Costs associated with training new employees

When the above listed issues have caused the loss of employees who finally quit or have to be replaced for low quality performance, the additional costs associated with hiring can take quite a chunk from a company’s profits. The bigger the company, the less this depletion is noticed. However, when you weigh the hours needed to advertise, schedule interviews, conduct multiple interviews, train new employees, absorb the learning curve time to get good at the job, jealousy within the ranks associated with a new hire, power struggles within the ranks with a new hire, and the time taken from other employees for all the above listed categories…the costs can be enormous. Sometimes these new employees are not a good fit, and it is necessary to start the process all over again. With our customized system it is easier to identify the right employees in the beginning, thereby minimizing these types of issues.

  • Employer’s health insurance premiums and the cost to everyone

Often people have no idea why their health insurance costs keep going up or why each year the cost goes up and the coverage goes down. Many employees are completely unaware of these rising costs pass through to their employers as well. It only takes one person in a company to misuse the system which ultimately costs everyone in the company.

This is the person who reads his insurance policy to determine just how many surgeries, therapies and procedures he can have without paying anything for it. This is the same type of person who trashes a rental car because it is not his car, or piles his plate multiple times at a buffet because it’s free. This behavior causes the health insurance policy at renewal time to be higher and higher every year. The only option many small companies have, is to shop for cheaper coverage, which means lower quality services. The new technology deals with this problem head on, eliminating such wasteful behavior, saving the employer and the employees.

  • Unemployment payout costs

Whether you have to lay off or fire an employee for poor performance or because the profits have taken a plunge, you end up with exorbitant pay outs for unemployment. What’s worse is that if they were let go for poor performance, in many states, you conversely have to pay them a significant percentage of their prior salary for a period of time. Ouch! Using the new custom technology your company can boost productivity, creativity and performance so layoffs are a thing of the past.

  • Workman’s compensation and disability premiums

Statistically, healthy happy employees have fewer accidents and injuries. Some companies pay premiums for both workman’s comp and disability. Foe every incident with injury, a company must also include the costs of all the eight above listed categories of loss when calculating the effects on your bottom line. Injured employees cost the company more than meets the eye. The new system restores the health and attitude of the employees, reducing the risks of injury and added costs.

New Technology solves the problem

Each of these categories can single-handedly destroy a company’s profits and position in the marketplace. Because we incorporate a radically different approach to performance enhancement using cutting-edge technology originally designed for the critically ill and life-long  pain patients. Our systems outperform all traditional corporate methods to date.

All the customized programs we offer address each of these vital areas by solving the problem behind the problem. The company’s health and life support starts with the mindset and performance of its employees. Unless their issues and problems are resolved, the weakness spreads…department by department, until the entire company is infected.

We also incorporate the latest mental performance technologies used by the elite corporate VIPs and world-class athletes. The innovative wellness programs, physical, mental and emotional troubleshooting, resolution systems, empowerment education and sustainable morale boosting technologies that always get the job done above and beyond expectation.

These technologies have a direct and measurable effect on physical and mental performance, mood and overall health because the system addresses the problem at the level of the neuropeptide/receptor stimulation on the trillions of cell sites in the body. Starting at the level of the cell, we are able to re-train the physical, mental and emotional states of the employee, help them find resolutions to their conflicts and inspire overwhelming feelings of well being. This makes for very happy, energetic productive employees.

Working with lobbyists, insurance providers, healthcare providers and productivity enhancement systems, we can help your company create the best customized plan to suit your needs. For more information contact us at: or call Victoria Richards at  The Institute or 404 918 9099 Direct cell

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