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Performance Enhancement…The Alternative 2012 Business Strategy

In today’s economy companies must boost performance or make significant personal cutbacks to survive. The problem with this approach is that, by itself it is not sustainable for the long term.  Once cutbacks are made the employees who remain are overloaded, stressed and get sick more often missing additional work. This leaves the company shorthanded. Additionally, sick employees drive up the employer’s health insurance costs.

A Dallas CEO and researcher, has developed techniques that may be the best business tool of the upcoming century. Originally the technology was developed for the healthcare industry to manage pain. It was perfected in clinical trials for the most difficult medical cases of long term pain and chronic illness. These cases were otherwise unaffected by all other medical technology and considered impossible to help.

As an unintended consequence, the pain management programs not only managed the pain issues, but the subjects were so energized that they felt years younger, slept soundly, experienced sharp mental focus and clarity, and had an overwhelming feeling of well-being. Their moods changed, resulting in hormonal, blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol improvements, without the use of medications.

The new realization of the beneficial side effects of the pain therapy came when the program’s developer, Victoria Richards was discussing the results of the trials with a healthcare attorney. He was shocked to hear about the overwhelming success and positive side effects of the program and suggested that the treatment would be of great benefit to corporate America needing efficacies. After all, if it worked on the most severe health cases what could it do for a struggling corporate organization or a stagnant small company?

According to Richards, “The success or failure of any company comes down to the performance of the people in it. No matter how great the demand for your product and how amazing your widget…, tired, grumpy employees with brain fog and hormone imbalance, who constantly miss work and come in late, negatively impact a company’s bottom line in no time flat”.  She goes on to say that “unless you fix the real problem, all the motivation and business strategy in the world is useless”.

Richards decided it is time to implement a corporate level program for revitalization that includes the much needed physical optimization. She states that” unless a corporate building program can also effect change at the physical level, teaching motivational and performance skills is inadequate because the employees don’t have the stamina, mental clarity and energy to maintain the change. You must deal with the additional issues of physical and mental stamina”.

Given some peace of mind, a boost of energy and restful sound sleep, most employees are happy to have a job and are willing to work a bit harder and longer. When they are happy, mentally clear and focused they can and want to give 100%.

Some of the recent trial’s patients suffered for more than twenty years with their ailments, nearly bedridden and now report working fulltime, 40-60 hours a week standing on their feet joyful and energized. Their employers are thrilled with their improved mood, stamina and performance. There are similar reports from those who have now remained symptom and pain free without medication for over five years.

Once thought a program for the chronically ill, this performance enhancement program may be the best business recovery tool to infuse “new life” into our ailing companies and overall economy.

For more information about the programs or clinical trials contact:
Victoria Richards at 404 918 9099 or victoria@thephysiciansinstitute.com


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