Treating chronic conditions; Three months prior to conception, during pregnancy and while nursing

The latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience have shown how the treatments for depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorder and other chronic conditions using circuitry repair is extremely effective, very safe and has no harmful side effects. This gentle, non-invasive drug-free treatment works not only a the level of the electrical circuitry in the body, but also at the level of the cell receptors; activating specific neuropeptides to bond to their two to three hundred thousand receptors on the surface of the cells, delivering information and instruction to the cells. This causes body-wide healing to begin. It mobilizes the immune system and also stimulates endorphins, which are the body’s natural healthy morphine.These treatments are safe for pregnant and nursing women, newborns and the frail elderly. Because the process addresses the problem behind the problem and affects change at the causal level and not just that of the symptoms, the repair process is quick.┬áThe treatment re-sets the body’s circuitry to the optimum performance levels, allowing the body to balance, repair and heal. Because these are the natural built-in systems of repair, medication is not needed.

These protocols were perfected in clinical trials with the most resistant cases of 20 year chronic pain, depression, bi-polar disorder, RSD, fibromyalgia and arthritis. The subjects experienced the eradication of symptoms within two hours and after eight weeks had reduced their medication by 70-90% with the expectation of becoming medication free after the safe weaning protocol.

Medications have been thought helpful in the past, because people believed it only worked only in the brain on very specific problem areas. However, this is incorrect. When a medication has an effect at all, it is because of these receptors on the surface of the cells. When stimulated, the information travels throughout the neural network affecting cells all throughout the body, thereby affecting many organs and systems in an adverse way.

Medication taken by a woman desiring to get pregnant, already pregnant or nursing should be done only as a last resort. It has been discovered that everything happening with both parents, up to three months prior to conception, affects the fetus. The cells generally live 120 days. Whatever is happening to the cells that will still be alive during conception will become a part of the cellular imprint of the fetus.

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