Pregnancy can be quite challenging if the mother suffers from any health conditions because everything she does has a significant affect on the fetus. For this very reason we recommend the twelve phase treatment protocol for all pregnant mothers throughout the pregnancy. Unlike medical treatments that include medications, tests and scans using dyes or radiation, stressful or uncomfortable probing or unpleasant exams, everything we do in our treatments feels like a day at the spa for both mother and baby.

The twelve phase program reduces stress on every circuit in the body. When the mother is calm and feeling nurtured, so is the baby. It gently cleanses and detoxifies stored contaminants that could affect the health of the fetus; after all, the mother’s body is the baby’s environment. By strengthening the organs and vital systems body-wide, there are more natural resources available for the healthy development of the baby.

Studies have shown that every emotional experience that the mother feels affects the baby. The science behind that is becoming more main stream today. In the field of neuroscience they have discovered that the molecules of emotion,( in a book with the same title by Dr. Candace Pert), are neuropeptides that trigger a response with the hundreds of thousands of matching receptor sites on every cell of the body. These neuropeptides bind with the matching (lock and key) receptors on the cell and it happens all throughout the body at the same time that you feel the emotion, just like a wireless signal with wifi.

The cells have millions of receptors.  For every emotional state there are two or three hundred thousand matching (lock and key) receptors. So when the mother feels happy, the neuropeptides that match happy( the body’s natural happy hormones) connect with all the cells. So, in essence you get a body full of happy cells. Happy, healthy cells live longer, are stronger and divide into double the amount of happy cells. Conversely, the opposite is also true of unhappy emotions.

This is the reason it is so important to the development of the baby to have a calm, happy, healthy mother. The average life of a cell is about 120 days. When a cell divides, it creates two matching cells. If the mother has been primarily calm, happy and healthy, every cell division will add more healthy happy cells. If however, the mother is upset, frightened, depressed, angry, lonely or jealous, the cell division creates cells that have those attributes.

The side effects of the treatments are increased natural energy and vitality, restful sound sleep, the balancing of hormones, mental focus and clarity, healthier skin, improved digestion, and an over-all feeling of well being. Brainwave entrainment is played in the background when receiving the treatments. It has the effect of deep meditation or deep sleep. Most people find that they fall into a restful sleep during most of the treatment and awaken feeling as though they just returned from a vacation, both energized and very pleasantly calm.

Toxicity and toxemia are issues for the pregnant mother. By strengthening the body systems, the liver, kidneys, spleen and entire lymphatic system is better able to safely eliminate toxins. The use of gentle lymphatic cleansing protocols including far infrared is a very healthy option for the pregnant woman and baby.

We have had multiple reports from women previously unable to carry a fetus to term. They have advised us after having had many miscarriages, that the treatments made such a change in their body that they had a full healthy pregnancy without issues and had a normal delivery after carrying to full term. The body has built-in programs designed to repair. When not bogged down by toxins, stress and low frequency vibration, it can repair itself thoroughly.

Because birth is a stressful experience for mother and baby, we treat many newborns. These babies respond immediately to the treatments, falling asleep and resting. The mothers report that they seem so much happier afterwards. Many mothers bring the babies in when they get a cold or feel sick, after their shots when they are fussy or when they are colicky and can’t sleep. A happy baby makes for a happy home.

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