Will insurance, employer or credit pay for this treatment?

Many people are suffering today with a variety of chronic conditions. Some are physical, some emotional and most are a combination of both. It doesn’t matter, which came first the stress or the pain and weakness; it still falls into the category of chronic conditions.

One of the first questions we get from people who have suffered for a long time is “Will my insurance cover this”? For those without insurance the question is “Will anything help cover the costs”?

Whether you use insurance, a pre-tax account, cash or credit card, the treatments work very quickly when done in succession regularly. The body learns the new pattern even more easily than it did the chronic problematic pattern because a healthy state is the body’s natural homeostatic state.


Most insurance will cover some portion of the cost, if not all. We can provide you with the adequate codes to present to your provider. We are currently working through the clinical trials to get these procedures fully covered by all insurance companies.


You can ask your employer to set up a pre-tax account from which you can pay for your wellness and healthcare, thereby saving you the taxable dollars. Many are quite amazed that they have been paying money to the government that they could have been using all these years for the treatment of their health and well-being.

Credit cards:

Our merchant service providers allow us to take credit card payments with signed release forms. We accept all major cards.

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